Nov 07, 2019

I have reached the end of my rope

Woke up to a trashed bottom sheet. Guess I was restless last night.  The sheets were thin but not that thin.

Wonderful to see fisherman out on the lake early this morning.  So peaceful.

Got here by 8:45AM to get the dash A/C repaired. We were promised one hour but possibly two hours max.

The shop foreman told us that it would be done by the end of the day!!!!!

They did get it done in within a reasonable amount of time but we thought that we would be there most of the day. I had already called around to RV parks looking for a spot to spend the night.  Joe’s repairs suggested that we go out for breakfast.  With my intermittent  fasting I don’t eat until 2PM but what the heck.  Anything to relieve the stress.  They called as we were almost done to say that that the A/C was still not working.  Colin  had an idea and we headed back ASAP. By the time we got there it was finally working.  Plus they did a test on the engine radiator cap and it was only holding 10PSI.  No wonder we were losing coolant.  A simple fix of anew radiator cap for $8.50.  The freon repair was just under $200.00.  We left Lake Havasu about 1PM.

Got to Parker where we fuelled the RV just on the southern outskirts for 3.19 per gallon. This has been our best price thus far this trip.

We are in Quartzite but I have run out of energy.  Not an easy end to the day and that did me in. No more, I was done.  I have been up since 3:30AM due to an RVer’s dog barking since 3:30AM back at the LH state park.  I did call the rangers and complained.  The owner was inside watching TV and had his dog was tied up outside and barking.

I will fill in the blanks tomorrow.  At this point we are not certain that we can even get out of here and continue  our journey south.  We can only hope that things will somehow work properly in the morning.  We don’t want to be towed to Tuscon.  I should be making our egg salad and tuna salad for our travel sandwiches but we have no idea if we will be leaving in the morning.

Libby is still in Lake Havasu. They were going to do surgery on her arm Sunday and here it is end of day Thursday and she is still there suffering.  Once I get some energy I will take that insurance company to task.

Oh yes, sweet sixteen’s insurance company has officially accepted full blame.  That means that our $300.00 deductible has been waived and our insurance will not go up next year.

Certainly not the post I expected to write tonight. Meanwhile I need to go to bed as in right now…nite!!


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4 Responses to “I have reached the end of my rope”

  1. Kathryn Tycho says:

    Eric mentioned to me that perhaps your radiator cap was bad but..that is the something the shop should have figured out. Would have saved you a lot of stress.

  2. SandyM says:

    Anxiety will weigh down your heart, Contessa. A good rest will help, too. Hoping for an uneventful day for you both today. Sending hugs

  3. livingrichonthecheap says:

    It will get better…I don’t know when but it will. Hugs…and wine.

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