Nov 06, 2019

A sad adios

This is going to be a basic post.  I am quite worn out.  I spent the better part the day packing up things for Libby to take back to Edmonton, Canada and trying to figure out what to include.  This morning she was told that she would be being flown out today or tomorrow.  She panicked and I said not to worry, we would deal with it all. The case manager needed the weight and dimension of her chair.  I simply called back to Edmonton and got that info. That chair weighs 300lbs, all part of  how they decide which plane to send.  Libby is so fortunate in that she had a medical travel insurance from when she worked for a certain company many years ago.  They however would not allow her to have the one arm repaired in surgery, they want her back in Canada first. Cheaper for them.

We went back and forth a few times between the hospital and her home to sort it all out.  So many details re her meds, computers, cameras, chargers, hearing aid  details ( they lost one in ER the day she was brought in) and so on.  She has trained someone to drive her special van and he knows how to put the ramp up and down so I contacted him to come and get the chair to the hospital.  Colin figured out how to change the WC to manual and he got it into the van.  The other fellow showed up and drove it to the hospital and returned the van.  So many tiny details like finding the keys to her apartment in Edmonton and even to her home here.  She just uses the garage door keypad. Colin also got her backup electric chair into position to be charged every Monday until she returns next fall.  The neighbour across the street has the garage door opener and I asked him to do a few things like shut off all her heat and A/C, etc.
I was finally able to establish a time line.  She last emailed me Saturday around 5PM and she was found by a concerned neighbour at 12:30 noonish the next day.  We have no idea how long she lay on that cold kitchen floor.  Not everything adds up but it must have been a horrific night for her. Fortunately the fire department cleaned up all the blood.  Very nice.  Libby is in a massive amount of pain, much worse than yesterday.  I finally figured out that she thought she could only get pain meds every six hours but she can get morphine every two hours.  So she was not asking for the meds. Being an RN like me she is very strong ( probably even stronger than me – which those of you who really know me won’t believe ) and I had to be very strong to her to explain to her that she was wrong.  Finally she agreed and said “ give me pain meds every two hours “ and I made sure that that was documented on her chart.  I also asked that they give her as much as they can before she leaves.  Right now if you even bump her bed she cries out in pain.  Yes she is in that much pain.
Sadly I had to be strong and cut through her stories and tell her to focus. I felt bad and could see that she was not happy with me, but we are leaving tomorrow and our time here is precious.  I believe that she is not herself due to the concussion.  Today her eye was shut and her pain intense.  Regardless we got it all done. The only thing I forgot to get was her Edmonton cell phone charger.  She has a wallet, cards and ID for the US and another one for Canada and two cell phones, one for each country.  Fortunately the charger works on both phones.  She would not believe me but she did accept that from Colin.  He has been a true gem driving between the hospital and her place, figuring out how to make two different electric WC’s manuel, etc.  I even had him running to the nurses station to get them to Google a phone number and other things.  It was an intense several hours.
It was ever so difficult to say goodbye to my dear friend and to explain that we were not coming back.  Hopefully I will see her in Edmonton this coming summer.  She does not know it but I am still co ordinating the pasa between her friends here and those in Edmonton so that everyone knows what is going on. The hospital has my cell number which is only good until end of day Friday before we cross into Mexico.
I really wanted to go back tonight and I am upset that I did not but we had to get organized.  We needed to get a repair estimate on the Jeep from a body shop before we left.  Then ICBC, our Canadian insurance company called and that took almost an hour but we are good to travel to Mexico and deal with repairs once we get back in April.  They will even pay for so many massages and chiro appointments but we need proper receipts.  Almost impossible to get in Mexico.  We also had to start packing things up.
Our first appointment is at 8:45AM tomorrow  for the dash freon and a few other issues, here in Lake Havasu. Next we have to do several  things in Quartzite.  Tomorrow will be a full day.  There is no way I can get back to the hospital but I will call soon. As it is, we are going to split a take out tuna Subway for dinner.  The past few days were to be our relaxation time.  I insisted that we at least sit and watch the sunset tonight. Because of our extra time dealing with Libby’s issues we did only get glimpses of it.  I was already two days behind in washing my hair (I still showered ) and could not wait any longer.  So I the sunset between drying my hair and Colin was loading.  I want a redo next year. The photos were taken tonight from the doorstep.
So yes another long day.  Only five sleeps until we get to the Isla but at least another week before we can relax. We have to deal with the generator the day we arrive and I am dreading that.
This is the only Mexico news I have for you tonight.  This fellow is a long time caravan leader and knows what its all about.
You can read the link on RV. net here.  I agree with the comment by iguana07, this has also happened to us.  It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, you can’t take your eyes away from the money for even a second.
Here is a link to a very detailed and wonderful write up by Kathy of Kathy and Eric’s Travels.  They drove today from Nogales to Navajoa.  Despite being very tired, Kathy just posted this to help all of us coming behind her.  Please click here for her fantastic write up.  Thank you for posting this Kathy.
PS…many thanks to all of my wonderful readers who have left a comment on my last post.  I really need to stop and feed my husband. He needs to eat in order to get us to our next stop.  I will reply later tomorrow.

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8 Responses to “A sad adios”

  1. MaxxTrails says:

    Wow what a day! And no matter how you feel Contessa, Libby was so lucky to have you and Colin there. She probably won’t remember how much you did for her but the rest of us will and you should take comfort in that. As for responding to blog comments, I wouldn’t worry about it. The only way I know if you have responded to my comment is to go back and look and I never remember to do that, maybe others are the same. And WOW those sunset pics are amazing, I’m so glad you both took the time to enjoy it ?

  2. Don & Kathy McKelvay says:

    Wow, what an emotional trip especially with Libby – God Bless you for all the love and care you have given her. I sure hope the remainder of your trip to Isla will be ‘uneventful’.

  3. Dorma Robison says:

    Such giving hearts you two have! Best part is you know when to step back and take care of yourselves and each other. We all should be so blessed to have friends such as you. Safe travels to the Isla; get some repairs done, and post those beautiful beach and sunset photos with that glass of wine for relaxation!!!

  4. Gene Siesky says:

    Wow, I only hope that I have a friend like you if I ever get into a situation that renders me helpless. You are such a dedicated and organized caretaker. You must have been an exceptional nurse because you are an exceptional and caring person. But as a number of nurses that I know, you are very similar to those that need to also take care of themselves. I hope the rest of your travel and time in Mexico allow for that. Your photos are very nice and bring on a peaceful recline into the evening. Safe travels.

  5. Kathryn Tycho says:

    What a special friend you are! Your karma is very good.

  6. Joyce F in Kansas says:

    Your friend Libby is SO lucky to have you to advocate and do things for her to see her safely on her way back to Canada. Not everyone is as lucky. Do hope your trip south goes better the rest of the way.

  7. Karen says:

    Wow contessa you certainly grab the bull by the horns in emergency situations what a very level headed person you are I’m sure you where a wonderful nurse and you are a very great friend. Keep smiling you’re almost there .

  8. Dolores says:

    U always have SO much happening, so much to do, take care of, it makes me weary and I am doing nothing, wonder how u manage… One step at a time, huh? Take Care and God Bless…

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