Nov 05, 2019

Not expecting this

The view from our site ( #37 ), that is the corner of the Jeep on the bottom right.  Truly a wonderful spot in a state park for $35.00 per night.

I truly appreciate all your blog comments, emails and even a special  phone call today from Quebec.  Robert used to be our neighbour at Holiday Park and knows trucks and wanted to be very sure that we knew the situation we were dealing with.  It has been wonderful to discover comments from several readers who have never commented before.  Nice to know that you are out there as well as others I have not heard from for a very long time.

This is the huge engine which sits under our bed.

The only reason that we have been coming here to Lake Havasu for years and years and years was to see my friend Libby.  She is the one that I went through nursing school with way back when and she has had  MS for several years and is confined to a wheelchair.  Libby knew that we were arriving Monday the 4th but I lost touch with her Saturday the 2nd about 5PM.  Nothing all day Sunday and I started to worry Sunday evening and by Monday I was most concerned.  Libby always responds to texts, emails and phone calls.  Once we got set up last night I could no longer deny what I was feeling and started to call medical facilities.  I found her at the Lake Havasu Hospital.  They refused to tell me anything about her condition or why she was there or when she had arrived.  They would only tell me if I knew the code.  What code?  At least I knew that she was somewhere safe for the night.

The white part is that coolant reservoir that empties each time we drive.

It takes a long time to write a blog post and yesterdays was extra long which is why we didn’t eat until 11:30PM local time and never got to bed until 1:30PM.  As we went to bed so late, we slept in this morning.  Colin spent some time still trying to figure out the reservoir problem plus calling Freightliner in Kelowna.  I made final shopping lists and menu plans until we arrive on the Isla.  As we will only have the propane stove top to cook on I had to come up with some creative menus for a few days.  No generator, so no microwave and no A/C.  I keep mentioning that as I am concerned about the heat.  Gosh I just about melted from the heat today, such a change from the cold the past ten days.  I love it, but Mexico will be much warmer.  I also called the RV park in Amado, something in the back of my mind saying that I needed to check on our reservation which I made close to two months ago.  They did not have it.  Well fortunately I averted that crisis by calling ahead. We only fit into three sites in that park and they had one left.

A cute little unit here in the park. Interesting how it all pops up from a flat position.

These cabins were being started the last time we were here and they are almost ready. Love how they all have four solar panels.

We had a full day planned but wanted to visit Libby at the hospital to find out why she was there.  Lovely newish hospital but impossible to find a nurse to speak with.  We went to her room but she was sleeping and I wanted to see if it was okay to wake her.  Again I needed the code to get info. I now have that code. Finally I was told that it was okay to wake her.  When we went back to the room she had her eyes open.  Libby had an accident sometime Saturday evening, she fell out of her wheelchair on her tile kitchen floor.  We are still trying to piece together how long she laid there drifting in and out of conciseness for several hours.  She remembers hearing people leaving voice messages on her machine but she had no phone and could not move to reach one.  From what I can gather, a neighbour found her sometime Sunday ( I will meet him tomorrow ) she laid there all night and well into the morning until he came over to check on her. Libby has a broken wrist and a break in her other arm in two place and needs surgery.  She fell out of her wheelchair onto her head and has 13 stitches and a concussion and is still seeing double.  You can imagine my shock when she told me all of that.  Her memory is not clear and of course she could not understand how I knew she was there in hospital. Somehow I just knew.

We unexpectedly ended up staying much longer than planned.  She can’t eat, drink, push a bell to call for a nurse nor make phones calls, etc.  Fortunately I was able to help her contact a few friends. Libby is being air evacuated back to Edmonton in a few days.  One big problem is getting her specialized rehab wheelchair flown back as well.  That has been approved by sending a larger plane, however the chair needs to get from her home to the hospital.  So many tiny details to deal with.

I could see that in our time there she was have increasing pain.  I got her nurse to give her more morphine and we left so she could rest.  We did bring some items here in the RV for her so I need to contact the neighbour and deal with that tomorrow as well as get her a few things to the hospital.  We headed out to do a few errands that needed doing today.

Taken on the drive back to the RV.

Sadly it was dark within we left Walmart, our final stop and missed our walk along the beach.  Hopefully that will happen tomorrow.  We did not get unloaded and put away until 7PM so another late dinner but I was able to pick up a lovely frozen eggplant parmesan.  It will go well with a salad.  Gosh this is not the rest we had hoped to get here in LH.  Please excuse any spelling errors, etc.  Too tired to do yet another proof.  Tomorrow promises to be another active day.

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9 Responses to “Not expecting this”

  1. Maxx Trails says:

    So sad to hear about your friend Contessa, I hope things improve for her soon.

  2. SandyM says:

    So sorry for the accident your friend Libby had in her home. What a sad thing to have happen to her but being the good friend you are you found her; we all should be so lucky to have a good friend like you. I hope the flight back to Edmonton will be uneventful and she can have the surgery she needs.

    Your view is beautiful, the weather is warm, you are closer to the Isla – blessings for you and Colin but some better days in a row would be a good thing, too, and they are coming, slowly, but they are coming.
    As always, traveling mercies for you.

  3. Carol says:

    so sorry to hear about your friend. Glad you are there for her.
    we are in Amado now. there are four empty spaces in the back row where you usually stay – we almost stole one last night as we got here after the office closed.
    blew a tire just south of Tucson yesterday – all is well, no damage. But today doing NOTHING.

  4. Sharon L Meyer says:

    Hi Contessa,
    I just got finished reading your blog for the past few days. Wow, you have had your issues. So sorry to hear about Mommio. Condolences to you Both. Also sorry to hear about Libby’s troubles.
    We also have had a few issues this season. The weather was not good as we were leaving Alberta/Canada but managed to stay ahead of the worst. We travelled east to Winkler, MB and then took the I-29 straight south to Sioux Falls the first day across the border. Then east of there to Spirit Lake. Cutty’s RV Resort at Lake Okiboji. Our destination for 6 nights. Whew, were we relieved when we checked the weather as the rain we had travelled in turned to snow and ice. Would have made travel the next few days impossible if we had stopped before we did. After staying at Cutty’s we travelled south to a Walmart at Salina, KS day 1 and day 2 on to Elk City, OK. As we were pulling into Elk City and heading towards the campground turned and corner and the engine quit and a warning alarm flashing and beeping. Seemed we had no air pressure. Waited a few minutes and started the engine again, it limped along, turned another corner and it completely stopped again but the engine was still running. No air pressure. Jim gets out, engine still running, air pressure builds again and we are able to get to the free campground for the night. Since that we have had more issues and now are parked in a mechanics shop on an acreage north of Brownsville, TX.
    A complete rebuild is happening. It has been pretty stressful getting here but at least we drove all the way and no need to tow it. We are also able to stay in it while the work is being done. We are staying in the Brownsville area until mid January. Hope all goes well for you the rest of the way to Isla! Will be checking on you as you go! Adios for today!

  5. Linda and Russell says:

    What a rough time you’re having. Hang in there! Our thoughts and prayers are with you both.

  6. I am so sorry about your friend but so good of you to try and figure out where she was. It must have been wonderful for her to wake up to a friendly face. It puts things into perspective, still super stressful for you but now her whole life will change 🙁

  7. Linda Sand says:

    I hope Libby recovers well. It’s good you came at the time you did. Now, if your RV would start behaving and you have no blowouts during travel. Your tires are old enough to be worrisome and you really do NOT need anything else going wrong. It feels odd to know you are going to Isla but Rae won’t be there.

  8. Cindy Mensies says:

    Man you guys can’t catch a break! Sorry to hear about your friend but glad you can see her and visit and help out. When you get to Mazatlan you two will sure need some down time and a break! Hang in there!

  9. Janet Ashworth says:

    Well so far your trip has been an adventure! So sorry about your friend Libby, wish her all the best for her recovery. Hoping once you cross the border into Mexico this will be all behind you, and a wonderful event free winter will be all that you need worry about.

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