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Nov 17, 2019

A busy day

We did take it slow today but did need to set up our dust screen.  It was an overcast and humid day with scattered rain showers which meant we got no dust as the sand road is damp.  I can tell you that we have Shaw TV, only 80%yellow.  No one has green.  We also […]


Nov 16, 2019

The proper post for Friday, November 15th

This is what I should have published last night but it took me over 2.5 hours to write it today.  Impossible to have done this last night.  This is post is about driving from the Fletcha fuel station ( Guaymas/San Carlos area ) to Pemex 3970 at KM 75 which is 74 kms north of […]


Nov 15, 2019

Well we thought it would be a good day

However by 11AM we had no dash air. It was only seven days ago that we had the dash air redone in Lake Havasu.  Obviously it did not work. The temps in the back of the RV were 92F.  I refused to measure the heat in front with the sun coming though the big windshield. […]


Nov 14, 2019

We finally made it to Mexico

Woke up at 6:30AM to 50.5F. Brr.  We were backing into the shop bay by 7:45 AM.  Hector, the mechanic who worked on the RV all day yesterday started rechecking what he did yesterday and retightened all the bolts, rechecked the hoses and then ran the engine for a while.  He even layed under the […]


Nov 13, 2019

Sadly we are still here in Tucson

I have a small update from the Isla, the noseeums are very bad so be sure to bring “a lot of the good stuff” referring to bug spray.  I brought enough Vitamin B6, 100 mg, to take one per day to help stave off the mosquitoes and the noseeums. Something new.  Hopefully it will work. […]


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