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Oct 26, 2019

It seemed like a very long day

Having said that, tomorrow will be even longer.  Because of very cold weather in our path we will be making some changes.  This morning ( Saturday ) I awoke at 5:45AM bur stayed in bed until the alarm went off at 6:30AM.  Colin had already turned on the furnace and that took some of the […]


Oct 25, 2019

An interesting first day

We were then asked to moved ahead and to wait for the agriculture officer to board and inspect out RV.  The fellow was very respectful and polite.  So a few moments later a female officer approached the RV.  She went to the driver’s window and asked Colin if we had pets.  She then asked me […]


Oct 24, 2019

Mexican travel updates

Here are some new things I have discovered in the past week regarding travel to Mexico. Good news on the road conditions  traveling south from Nogales. We had a friend cross the border last week at Nogales and drive down to Zihuatanejo, while making notes as to the condition of the roads. What a report!!!! […]


Oct 23, 2019

Que pasa



Oct 20, 2019

Mommio soars…..

October 28, 1914 – October 18, 2019 We were informed Friday afternoon at 1:25 our time that Mommio had passed away ( just as Adam our Telus rep rang the door bell ).  He was so sweet and offered hugs right away.  Colin’s bother and sister in law called to give us the news.  Colin […]


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