Oct 16, 2019

Que pasa

We have been slowly getting ready for Mexico.  One day last week I shopped at seven different stores picking up various items that we like to bring to Mexico with us.  I was out all day. By the time I unloaded and put things away I was worn out.

Colin meanwhile had put the garden to bed.  He pulled everything out and turned the soil.

Normally we have the RV in front of the house for a full three days in order to load.  This year for a variety of reasons we only have 2 full days plus maybe three hours.  So we have started packing and carrying various loads over to the RV in the storage compound.  Putting things into their place inside is my job.  So I worked on that while Colin got the basement in order.  He has also has been working on a few projects which I will share with you another day.

Last year our carrots never came up and we have lots of sweet tasting ones this year. Too bad we can’t take them south with us.  Besides eating them raw we have been boiling them as an extra vegetable with dinner.  He also harvested the last of our beet tops.  Only half of of them froze when we got down to -9C, lucky us.

I have been looking since July for the best exchange rate to get some US cash.  I should have got it back in July when on the 10th it was 1.3357 Canadian per US dollar.  All of you Americans should really come visit Canada as the exchange is in your favour.  I recall once very long ago when we traveled to the US and for once the exchange rate was in our favour.  At one point the exchange got up to 1.3577 but last Friday it was only 1.3437 and I rushed out and got our US cash.  I only saved close to $30.00CAD but had I purchased my US dollars this past July 10th I would have saved $60.00.  Since I got my money last Friday the rate has only gotten worse.  I managed to get my Mexican Pesos back in September at the lowest exchange rate in months so I am happy with my deals.  When we purchased our RV in 2001 from the USA we paid something like 1.54 Canadian per US dollar.  However it was still cheaper to import our RV into Canada then to pay the asking price for the same RV in Canada at a dealership.

We grow big beets :). I will give half of these away and store the rest in our fridge to eat next spring.

I made pizza one night last week and added a thick layer of beet tops under the cheese. I was surprised that they never broke down. A lovely addition to my pizza.

We have been enjoying the changing colors around us as well as the variety of water fowl stopping in as they head south.  Everyday we see something new. We love living here. Plus our house is well insulated and if the sun is not heating us though all the windows, we have a few radiator type oil burning heaters on and our fireplace on low to keep us toasty warm.

Sometime in the past week ( I have not been keeping tracks of details this week – a huge first for me ) we went out for dinner to a hole in the wall restaurant in the area.  They only have nine tables.  Everything at Chantana’s Thai Restaurant is delicious.  I had the Gang Kjew Whan, green curry with coconut milk, basil and bamboo shoots plus I paid a few dollars extra for five are pieces of shrimp.  Instead of peppers I asked for extra veggies.  Cost $12.50.

Colin enjoyed the Pa-Nang, a nutty flavoured red Thai Curry with coconut milk and shrimp. Cost $13.00.  We haven’t been here for a few years and it was the perfect choice on a very cool evening, temps down to 0C.

We have been spending a good deal of time trying to speak with Mommio.  She has had some good days.  Apparently she was up and dressed one day and sitting in the wheelchair. Of course she mostly slept.  She has had a few good days where she has been eating.  Then she became restless again and the doctor decided to up her pain medication to three times per day plus more as needed.  Hence she has become sleepy and not too responsive although she has had a few more alert days.  Colin has managed to have one more ‘I love you’ conversation by phone.  She did know that he was on the phone. So happy that we purchased that special phone.  Today she opened her eyes when she heard his voice.  All we can do is take it one day at a time.

As for us between loading the RV and the multiple calls to check on Mommio we are in slow motion.  The blog is not a priority right now.  No fear, once we head out on the 25th there will be daily posts.  I also am working on being able to show you a video about the new Guaymas – Hermosillo bypass.  Thanks for sticking with me through this difficult time.  By the way I am feeling better but still cautious.



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8 Responses to “Que pasa”

  1. Al McClughan says:

    Not sure if you looked at Knightsbridge for foreign exchange to get US$, their rate is generally a half percent above the bank of Canada rate compared to the banks at about 2.5%. Unfortunately they don’t do pesos

    • contessa says:

      I will document this information. Today the dollar went up and had I waited I would have save close to $16.00. Thanks Al. Nice to see that yo are still with me after all of these years.

  2. George Yates says:

    Nice to get the garden all cleaned up and the the phone for Mom does the trick, now soon you will be on the road again travel safe.

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    I purchased our US dollars through Knightsbridge on Saturday and paid 1.3295. That’s great that Colin is able to have some conversations with mommio. Your garden did well this year!

    • contessa says:

      Good to know and good for you. For certain I will be looking into this next time we need US dollars. Our garden was amazing this summer considering that we never panted anything until the end of June.

  4. Dolores says:

    That food looks great!!
    U guys are busy as ever…

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