Oct 11, 2019

A change of pace

Last night we decided to go see the Downton Abbey movie.  It was simply wonderful. Of course we have watched every episode  on TV and this was a wonderful finale. I believe that the movie is enjoyable without having seen the 52 episodes taped between September 2010 and December 2015.  I loved how the audience laughed at sarcastic words by certain characters and other situations that brought several laughs.  There was drama and romance and just plain fun.  The enjoyment just went on and on. I particularly enjoyed the Viennese dances.  Looks like we just might be hiring a private dance instructor to get us back on track.  Then of course a trip to Venice would be in order.  Just dreaming or am I?

Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham, coming down the stairs.  I was trying to get an exterior shot of the country house but the scene changed.

It was another freezing cold night and my heart was sad to see a young lady sitting on the curb near our car, with her cart and all her worldly possessions.  She was not begging.  Perhaps she was waiting to find a place to sleep.  It truly was cold.  I had a granola bar and $2.00 was in my console and sent Colin over to her.  She was most grateful.  A tiny gesture but hopefully it will help.  Today someone let me go ahead of them at the grocery store as I only had two items.  I thanked her and mentioned how wonderful it was to be the recipient of something I have given to others many times.  If feels good to give.

We woke up to a heavy frost on the grass this morning. This tree is still not losing its color. It is late getting leaves in the spring and late turning colour in the fall.

Colin was able to speak with Mommio this morning, mostly just hellos and I love you.  He was so happy to be able to hear her voice.  First he has to call the nursing station and then they will go to her room and answer her phone when he calls.  They then come back or stay like today to hang up the phone.  The new special phone is great and she could actually hear his voice.  Worth every penny.  She is still in bed and sleepy but she did eat her breakfast this morning.

I could not get close enough with my zoom to figure out what type of ducks these were.  It was obvious that they did not belong here.

They were just here for the day yesterday and have already moved on.

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4 Responses to “A change of pace”

  1. livingrichonthecheap says:

    Might be Bufflehead ducks, they sometimes are in your area in fall 🙂 Try googling them, hard to tell from that distance. So glad the phone is working with Mommio. A little communication goes such a long way.

  2. George Yates says:

    Fall is sure in the air looks like we will be soon getting ready to winter here this winter.

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