Oct 09, 2019

FaceTime with Mommio

Mommio became more unsettled as the evening wore on yesterday.  Colin stayed with her until the pain meds kicked in.  He said that they both spoke from their hearts to each other.  He was happily surprised to see her much more alert this morning.  Perhaps the antibiotics are helping plus the fact that she is getting a good deal of rest and that Colin is there, all working together in a positive way.

I had ordered greetings from the Queen, The Governor General of Canada, the Prime Minster, etc, in honour of her 105th birthday. and they had arrived early. Sorry this is fuzzy ( I didn’t take the photo  🙂 ) The Queen is wishing Mommio her warmest congratulations and good wishes for an enjoyable day as she celebrates her one hundred and fifth birthday which happens to be on October 28th.

From the Governor General of Canada.

These photos would only open in Photos and I am still using iPhoto so I have no idea how to make the photos brighter.  I truly prefer iPhoto and hope that it is here for a very long time. The past few days have been a learning curve for both of us.  Colin is learning how to take a photo with his iPhone and email it directly to me.  I am tyring to make the photo clearer but obviously am failing. Modern technology is amazing but you do have to know how to use it.

Last night after Colin left Mommio he headed to the Lobster House to get take out as he had not eaten all day.  The Lobster House is one of the restaurants that he has taken her to each time he visited.  He thought it fitting that he got his dinner from them.  How very special.

I am not clear on when  he purchased this wine. We don’t have time to talk details.  He chose it because it was a Pinot Grigio and because of the name.  Jean is Mommio’s first name. The wine was celebrating the family matriarch and her legacy.  Most apropos.

He also liked the look of the label.  It reminded him of Mommio.

This morning Mommio ate breakfast and later had lunch as well. Colin had a few good chats with her throughout the day.

At some point Colin and I got it together and we were able to FaceTime with Mommio. She doesn’t have much energy to respond verbally to every question, but she knew that it was me and smiled and told me that she loved me.

Love those smiles.  Notice how he is wearing the same shirt that is in the photo at her bedside.

Colin left the special phone there for Mommio to use and he did test it with the help of his brother.  She certainly can hear much better with it.  We also discussed FaceTime with Bill and hopefully over the winter he might be able to do it with Colin so that he can see his Mom.  It was wonderful that Mommio was well enough to spend some quality time with Colin today.

Colin is on his way back here. Looking forward to hugs later.  He lands about 9:30PM.  A chilly -6C/21F  here tonight.



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13 Responses to “FaceTime with Mommio”

  1. Don & Kathy McKelvay says:

    Great news. And WOW 105 – a great feat in itself.

  2. AZGAL says:


  3. livingrichonthecheap says:

    I am so glad that on the last day of the visit she was eating and more communicative. Hugs

  4. Dolores says:

    So very glad Colin was able to a good visit. Good to see her big smile!
    Those letters are really nice to get!

  5. Linda says:

    Good to see her looking so much more lively. I hope she continues to recover well.

  6. SandyM says:

    When the meds kick in Mommio should feel better each day. Glad Colin had some good visits with his Mom.

    You mentioned your area had -6C – how does that work for the RV – do you need to Winterized it is that done when you get back to Canada in the Spring in case there is freezing weather?

    • contessa says:

      We actually got down to -9C one night. Because it warms up during the day the RV never had time to freeze before we head south. But we have to be careful near the end of October or early November. We have had to leave a heater running or the furnace which also sends some heat to our water tanks. It is often freezing in Ely, Nevada which is out last cold night when we travel in either direction. We have had the slid outs freeze there in the past so we bring them in at night before we go to bed and leave a heater running inside. BY the time we arrive here in April there is no danger of it getting that cold.

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