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Oct 20, 2019

Mommio soars…..

October 28, 1914 – October 18, 2019 We were informed Friday afternoon at 1:25 our time that Mommio had passed away ( just as Adam our Telus rep rang the door bell ).  He was so sweet and offered hugs right away.  Colin’s bother and sister in law called to give us the news.  Colin […]


Oct 18, 2019

What did we do to deserve a day ( s ) like this?

Now that Colin has an iPhone we were working on how to transfer/ call forward it to our home voicemail while we are away.  It would not transfer.  We have been doing this for over twenty years now with no issues.  It simply would not connect.  In a nutshell we have spent at least 14 […]


Oct 16, 2019

Que pasa

We have been slowly getting ready for Mexico.  One day last week I shopped at seven different stores picking up various items that we like to bring to Mexico with us.  I was out all day. By the time I unloaded and put things away I was worn out. Normally we have the RV in […]


Oct 15, 2019

October calendar photo


Oct 13, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

  Wishing all our friends and blog readers a very special Thanksgiving long weekend.  I found this online about how it all started.  I hope you enjoy the read.


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