Sep 27, 2019

I killed my iPhone

What a week it has been!  Colin had been working as fast as he could and then the weather shifted back to rain showers. This past Tuesday after as 12 hour day at my desk, I am still trying to catch up, I decided to have a long soak in the bathtub with a book and a glass of wine. Colin was working until who knew when and as it was critical sunset timing I could not call him to ask what time he was coming home for dinner ( late in the evening as usual ).  I had no idea if he was going to call me on my cell phone or the landline so I brought both of them into the bathroom with me.  They were on a higher counter for me to easily pick up which ever rang.  After about 45 minutes my iPhone rang.  It was some guy named Steve giving me a hard time.  I got rid of him and carefully put the phone back.  Not two minutes later it rang again.  I answered it quickly thinking that it was Steve again but it was Colin and in my haste the phone slipped into the tub. I quickly jumped up and wrapped it in a towel.  I dried my feet and flew to get rice and a ziplock bag.

Once I did that I got online and it appeared that that was all that was needed and a good deal of luck.  Such a waste of jasmine rice.  Would you later cook the rice or trash it?

The next morning I read that it was extremely important to shut the phone down.  I had not done that.  I pulled it out of the bag and tried to shut it down.  It would not.  Another article explained how to check if there was water damage but I had to take the SIM card out which I did.  So much rice dust in the bag.

A bit later I read another article stating that putting a phone in rice was the worst thing to do 😯  What to do?  Meanwhile I was trying to figure out what flight my friend was coming back from Ottawa on.  I was to pick her up at the airport around noon on Wednesday but all the information was now in the dead cell phone.  I knew she had left on Air Canada as we had driven her to the airport and I spent over an hour trying to find out what flight she was arriving on.  Whether her connection was through Toronto, Calgary or Vancouver, none of them arrived near noon.  I even spent 40 minutes on hold to talk to Air Canada.  They were of no help.  Colin sent her a text for me from his job site in the hope that she would see it. She did and then she texted  🙄 me but that was useless as my phone was dead.  Meanwhile I had sent her an email and she sent me her flight number and arrival time. I later found out that she was returning on WestJet!  Looking back, none of her texts mentioned WestJet.

Meanwhile I suddenly 💡 recalled a card that our battery place had given us for replacing cell phone batteries.  I called and the guy freaked out and started calling out directions.  I had done it all wrong but he said to bring the phone in immediately which I did.  Gosh what a morning and it was only 10:30AM.  Colin wasn’t having such a great day.  The home that he was photographing had no light switches at all. Everything was turned on by a smart phone.  The clients were in Calgary.  He did get that sorted out eventually.  They turned on what he needed when he needed it remotely from 252 miles away.

So I managed to get my phone to the repair shop, got a lecture and paid $35.00.  As I left he wished me luck that he could fix it.  I had an extra bit of time so decided to treat myself to a decaf Starbucks ( which happens maybe 3 -4 times per year ). Somehow the lid was not secured and I manged to drip coffee all over me. The stains did come out later in the day after six hours of soaking. I made it to the airport and of course had no phone to connect with my friend as to time and pick once she got her bag.  I guesstimated and arrived about thirty seconds before she did to the pre arranged pick up area 😉

I sat on pins and needles until noon yesterday, Thursday, when I got the call that my phone was ready to pick up.  I cautiously asked if it was fixed and he said yes that it as working.  So Colin and I went out later in the afternoon to pick it up.  It only cost an additional $30.00 but of course comes with no guarantee. He suggested backing it up often.  I had in fact just backed it up about a week earlier. He was most impressed.  Thanks to my computer guru who has trained me well.  Apparently the phone did need some soldering here and there once it was aired out and there is no guarantee if some areas have been missed.  I don’t use it a lot so I guess time will tell but you can be sure that it will be backed up at least monthly. Likely it may not last too long.  You have no idea how happy I was to have my phone back.  I am not certain that I could have coped with buying a new one and starting over with setting it up.

In other news, did you read about the woman locked in the toilet on a United Airlines flight.   They had to do an emergency landing to get her out of the toilet.  As many of you know, I have been locked in a toilet three times now, all in Mazatlan.  There is no way I would have survived what this woman endured.

Since we have been back from Edmonton I have observed that the geese are all gone.  Yes, already 🙁   Most unusual.  The forecasts say that we will have an early winter. In fact there is a possibility of snow flurries tonight and tomorrow in Edmonton.  Thank goodness that we were there last weekend.

Our garden continues to produce. Someone helped themselves to two of our last cucumbers.  We got the last one and some more tomatoes as well as the Swiss chard that I added to my fish chowder yesterday.  I love how the Swiss chard did not fall apart thanks to the crockpot.  The chowder was great.

Taken a day or two after our return from Edmonton. Now we have rain showers and very low dark clouds.  We have been using our fireplace and furnace in the morning to take the chill off.

We leave four weeks from today for Mexico.  Yes I am counting the days. Just in now, a new forecast with a frost warning for this area.  We will have to pick some produce in the garden tomorrow.  The farmers are saying that it feels like November out there 🙁


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6 Responses to “I killed my iPhone”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice that you got your I phone working again and always a good thing to back it up.

  2. Paul Walker says:

    Snowed (but did not stick) in edmonton today.

  3. Kathryn Tycho says:

    I’d never drop my phone in the bathtub…dont have a bathtub?! Can’t imagine a house without light switches. How would you turn them on if you dropped your phone in the bathtub…?

  4. Kathryn Tycho says:

    For some reason my posts never have my emojis just dumb question marks. Supposed to be laughing faces.

  5. Maxx Trails says:

    I hope your phone is in good working order again. So far that hasn’t happen to me but I have an I-Phone X so it is supposed to be water proof … but I’m not going to test it!

  6. Maxx Trails says:

    The weather sure has turned here, I hope we can all head south without snow on the roads! Glad you got your phone working again 🙂

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