Sep 19, 2019

We are leaving on a jet plane

Colin and I are sitting here at the airport waiting for our flight to board.  We are jetting off to Edmonton to see the chiropractor for my annual visit.  At the same time we will be seeing friends every day.

For the first time ever we are flying on Flair Air, one of Canada’s new economy as in cheap airlines.  Unlike the USA, Canada only has two main airlines and they charge a lot as they have the monopoly.  In the last few years a few cheaper airlines have cropped up.  It only works if they are traveling to where you want to go and they are restricted to certain days of the week with usually just one fight per day and maybe 2 or 3 flights per week.  Fortunately this trip to Edmonton worked out with a bit staggering of dates and adding an extra night away.

I was going to fly West Jet on my own but Flair came up with a 2 for 1 seat sale so it worked out that we could both fly to Edmonton and back and back for less than my return flight on West Jet.  I had to pay the same for the hotel whether I was on my own or not so we decided to both go.  Which has turned out to be perfect as I can now lean on Colin due to low energy levels.  We checked one suitcase and  also did seat selection for less that the cost of the other airline for one person.  Great deal.

Speaking of saving money, I was able to save over $600.00 on trip cancellation insurance for the October 2020 trip.  Yesterday Colin called Shaw Direct and cancelled some channels that we never watch.  All told that gives us a savings of approximately $1,100.00 over the next twelve months.  Our provincial monthly  health care costs are decreasing to zero effective January 1st so that is another $900.00 to be saved over the next year.  With the cancellation insurance it took a good deal of online research but it paid off in the end.

Life is good.  I will be checking in from Edmonton.

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12 Responses to “We are leaving on a jet plane”

  1. livingrichonthecheap says:

    Have a great trip. Glad the price was decent for Edmonton. I hear they might be having better weather than us!

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    We fly Flair Air to Edmonton all the time 🙂 Nice job on all your savings!

  3. Kay says:

    Hi Contessa, Thought I would mention CoQ10. My 85 year old mother was experiencing terrible fatigue and I told her about CoQ10. She purchased a bottle and told me about day 4 or 5, she noticed she was not so tired. No longer needed 2 naps a day. Anyone who takes the cholesterol lowering drugs, metform and heartburn drugs almost always have lower CoQ10…

  4. George Yates says:

    Nice that you got good deal on you flights and saving money is always a good thing.

  5. SamdyM says:

    Enjoy time away from your daily routine – it will refresh you and you will be ready to plan your trip to Mexico when you return home.

  6. Paul Walker says:

    Can’t wait to see you!


    Paul & Jan!

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