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Aug 19, 2019

Que pasa

I am really trying to enjoy the end of summer.  Come September I will be gearing up for our trip to Mexico, ordering insurance for the vehicles, purchasing special items of food that we can’t get there and hundreds of odds and sods type of things that need doing including tiny details like buying fertilizer […]


Aug 18, 2019

Garage sale and the perfect dinner


Aug 16, 2019

Guess what I am making for dinner?

  Please keep those Yellowstone comments coming.  They are so very helpful.


Aug 15, 2019

We enjoyed another visit with neighbours

Thank you so very much to those who are giving us some input into our visit to Yellowstone.  I still am not certain where we should make a reservation, remember we are 40′.  The trip will be next June before kids are out of school.  


Aug 14, 2019

First official annual Kelowna area blogger meeting

I believe that it was last summer or the one previous that we were invited to a party for a few local bloggers.  Colin was working and I did not feel comfortable going all that way on my own as it would be a long drive back in the dark so I missed out. There […]


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