Aug 18, 2019

Garage sale and the perfect dinner

Yesterday was the final garage sale of the year here in our park. As we cruised around in the golf cart I saw this neat combo. The car has’The Judge’ on the front fender and the sign on the RV says the ‘Judges Chambers’. Very neat.

Not as many folks selling. The best garage sale is the first of the season in May.

This lady was mostly selling her collection of succulents. But we managed to find four neat things here.

The two iron free-standing trellises will be perfect for our cucumbers next spring and only cost us $2.00 each.  They don’t drink white wine and had 4 bottles of wine and a wine rack for sale that came with their RV.  Only two bottles interested me and on looking them up later I found that they sell for $20.00 and $25.00, I only paid $5.00 each.  Excellent deal. The pillow and plant pot complete with plastic plant cost $3.00 each and add to my patio decor.  The gold and black hat had a wide enough brim for me and at $2.00 was a another good purchase.  I also bought a tiny Canadian flag lapel pin for $1.00. Good to have when travelling.  I am very happy with my $23.00 worth of purchases.

We did errands in Kelowna on Thursday and locally here in Lake Country on Friday. Among other things we purchased some wild sockeye salmon and cedar boards.

We have been unable to find cedar planks this summer and have run out. The ones at Costco were perfect but they aren’t carrying them at the moment. The ones at Canadian Tire are two small.  So we purchased two 1 x 6 untreated cedar boards.  Colin got five cuts out of each.  Cost us $1.00 per cut board.

However the salmon fillets were rather wide so Colin had to use two of the new boards. The smell of cedar was in the air.  Instead of just the one fillet of salmon Costco has been placing two in the package.

We ended up with two plates like this. More salmon that we needed but not wasted as we will have it cold on top of salad this evening for dinner.  All of the fish only cost us $26.59.

As much melt in your mouth salmon as you could eat, baked potato with sour creme, steamed Swiss chard from our garden and our usual Caesar salad.

Colin took the following two shots before dinner while I was inside working on our meal.

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6 Responses to “Garage sale and the perfect dinner”

  1. Maxx Trails says:

    Was that a bottle of See Ya Later Sparkling Wine you scored for $5.00? If so that was an awesome deal!!! We have been buying cedar planks and cutting them up for our salmon for a few years now, works well and much cheaper.

  2. George Yates says:

    Nice scores at the garage sale especially the wines.
    Your salmon looks wonderful and never any waste, We have tried with the cedar planks a few times but just never acquired a taste for it done that way.

  3. Gene Siesky says:

    Colin’s patio shot is beautiful.

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