Aug 15, 2019

We enjoyed another visit with neighbours

Thank you so very much to those who are giving us some input into our visit to Yellowstone.  I still am not certain where we should make a reservation, remember we are 40′.  The trip will be next June before kids are out of school.

We have been meaning to have Dianne and John over for a very long while but at this time of year Colin is never home.  We sometimes get together for the local street drop in happy hour here and there.  Last night was perfect for a special visit.  The house was clean as was the yard plus I had extra appetizers from the blogger get together.

After a bit of general chit chat, John and Colin got down to some music. John has a band and a great voice.  He wants Colin to join him and the others in a jam session.  Colin is thinking about it.

It was supposed to be a quick happy hour as per Diane but you know us, it was close to three hours before they left 🙂 Our second fun evening in a row. It was truly enjoyable.  Nice to have the time to spend with special people.

So this is the ugly fat spider that is creating mess on our patio. He is no longer. Top left is an insect caught in his web. I had cleaned the web in this area for the blogger meet up and here it was 24 hours later, another huge web.  Tonight the area is clear of any web.

I managed to get a bit of colour in the sky last night. I didn’t realize how much I miss my Isla sunsets.

We made a trip to Costco today.  Okay it is mid August, so I guess selling Halloween stuff is acceptable.

But definitely not the time to be selling Christmas decor.  December 25th in still 4.5 months away.


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8 Responses to “We enjoyed another visit with neighbours”

  1. George Yates says:

    Looks like another wonderful Happy hour, chatting and catching up wth friends.

  2. As van Uffelen says:

    Keep in mind that schools in the US (at least the Midwest where I live) close end May!

  3. Dolores says:

    NOT ok for Xmas or Halloween!!
    Dear Costco…
    Your yard looks lovely!!! So green!

    • contessa says:

      Thanks Dolores. I especially like that I have flowers for the first time in three years. The flooding affected us twice.

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    You social butterflies 🙂 Costco didn’t have that stuff when I was there on Monday!

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