Aug 14, 2019

First official annual Kelowna area blogger meeting

I believe that it was last summer or the one previous that we were invited to a party for a few local bloggers.  Colin was working and I did not feel comfortable going all that way on my own as it would be a long drive back in the dark so I missed out. There are many bloggers in the area but the one thing we all have in common is RVing and we are all snowbirds.


Yesterday I hosted three local bloggers and their spouses including us of course.  There was never a quiet moment.  Interestingly enough, travel was the main topic of discussion which centered around visiting places on our bucket lists so to speak.  We were supposed to sit outside on the patio but the wind was too strong so we stayed inside.

Colin, Rod and his wife Sylvia, myself, Stacie and her husband Bob.

Stacie writes the blog Maxx Trails.  Rod who has been rather busy lately writes Six Saturdays and a Sunday.  We all write a different type of blog and I think that they are all interesting.  For instance Stacie & her hubby just got E -bikes and are bicycling  everywhere, they winter in Yuma and are full-time RVers.  Rod and Sylvia are always renovating something either at their home here in West Kelowna or at their new place in Phoenix  and are do it yourselfers.  So much to learn on his blog.

The bloggers, Rod, myself and Stacie.

Tuesday is pasta night here at the RV Park restaurant and we had reservations for 7PM. We sat outside on the patio and the conditions were perfect.

I don’t need to wine a little, I just enjoy the wine and life is good.  Even better with friends.  Colin and I have been out with Stacie & Bob  before but despite reading Rod’s blog for years and years, this is the first time we have met in person.  A few years ago when we were possibly having to be evacuated re flooding ( we were evacuated but found a place to live in our RV ) Rod offered to put us up and a year or so later when they were in the line of a forest fire we offered to put them up.  That is just what fellow bloggers do for each other.

So it was very special for us to all get together.

In fact we had such great time that we closed the restaurant down. We just kept chatting until I looked around and realized that everyone had left except us. Five plus hours had passed in a flash and we were just getting started.  Definitely the beginning of an annual event.  Croft, we would love for you to join us next summer.  Tell us when you will be in the the area and we will plan our next blogger reunion around your visit.


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4 Responses to “First official annual Kelowna area blogger meeting”

  1. Maxx Trails says:

    We had such a great time, thanks so much for hosting us all. I can’t believe we shut the restaurant down but there was never a lull in the conversation and I think it could have gone on all night if the restaurant hadn’t closed 🙂 I hope this does become an annual event!

  2. George Yates says:

    So nice to get together with fellow bloggers end enjoy some fun times together. 2 Blogs I had enjoyed especially Maxx trails. Some day we will meet up I am sure.

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