Aug 06, 2019

Que pasa

Well the smoke is here as is its smell.  Hopefully they will get the fire under control soon but we have high temps over the next few days as in 35C with some wind 🙁

I want to thank Sandy who sent me this photo as a suggestion for the weeds near our garden.  We have tried straight vinegar, the strong one with the 7% or more acetic acid.  It works for a very short period of time and then the weeds come back.

This might be worth a shot.  Looks like a good weed killer.  Thanks again  for the suggestion Sandy.  I would start by mixing up a smaller batch and see what happens.

This is one of two cushions that I purchased for my new to me & repaired footstools.

There are a few inches on either side but it looks okay and it is exactly what I wanted.  I do have this color in a few pots and in two umbrellas and cushions on the patio. It was the perfect find.

Very comfy.  The chairs we got at the garage sale, the free stools and the new cushion.

I am sitting in the shade of this umbrella.

On another day just before the weekend, I was sitting under an umbrella on the chaise when a gust of wind came up.  I jumped up to keep the umbrella from tipping over.  Once I had that under control I went to sit down again and could not find my hat. I called Colin out and we both searched everywhere.  In the end I suspect that the wind took my hat and it had a lovely sail on the lake before it sank.  It was one of my favourites, white and beige stripped.

So peaceful. Definitely taken before the smoke came in.

Taken about five ago.



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10 Responses to “Que pasa”

  1. Maxx Trails says:

    Now with the new fire around Tepanier off the Coquihalla I suspect we will see even more smoke 🙁 Although it does make pretty sunsets and sunrises.

  2. George Yates says:

    Nice looking cushion , too bad about loosing your hat and the wildfires.

    • contessa says:

      The hat was almost at the end of its usefulness as it had faded and the velcro was no longer working very well. The wildfires will affect our business yet again.

  3. Now that looks very relaxing.

  4. Deborah S says:

    Horticultural vinegar is 20% acetic acid. You may be able to find it at a farm supply store. I would use it at 1/2 strength to keep down weeds in my packed gravel walkways; amazing how weed seeds can find a foothold anywhere!
    I did find one online source in Canada but can’t paste the link here; a Google search will turn it up.

    • contessa says:

      I will be sure to follow up on that. Thanks Deborah. Every little bit of input helps.

    • contessa says:

      I did find a place to buy it but we have to open up an account, lots of paperwork, as it is a Canadian Government regulation. The smallest amount they sell is 10 litres for $50.00. Plus you have to wear a mask and gloves. Colin is not too keen on the product at this point. I appreciate your input and I have made a note of all of this and I bet come the spring we will be using it:)

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