Aug 05, 2019

A bit of this and that

It has been slow and drowsy long weekend.  With temps between 32 – 34C /  89.6 – 93.2F, we have even had to resort to turning on the AC about 1PM until the sun dips behind the hill before sunset.  And with the AC on the temperature at my desk is still 82.4F.  I’ve done a lot of reading and Colin has played his guitars and in between we did a good deep clean inside and got a few other to do’s off the list.

We always water the garden every evening but it needed some extra attention today.  The weeds that Colin had dug out a few weeks ago have returned, threatening to invade our garden.

It is too hot to be digging up weeds now but with some diligent pulling it gave us some breathing room.  All the garden weeds were pulled as well.  We do a bit every night when we water but it is an ongoing effort.  I know that we would be better off if our plot was between two other gardens, there would be less weeds that way.

Our tomatoes have gone wild this summer except for the one plant on the bottom right.  Fortunately the fruit is still growing.  The Swiss chard is ready to pick and the kale is growing.  We were gifted with some from another garden which made us happy.

It is difficult to get between the tomatoes to pick what is ripe. We did plant them with space all around but they went wild. We are eating fresh tomatoes with every dinner now.

The one cucumber plant is flourishing. We have eaten two already and there are about 14 more in various stages of growth.  We had to prop these off the ground.  I am amazed at how fast they grow from day to day.

Do you recall a few weeks back that I was going to try the Genecol Bone & Joint supplement?  Well it was a disaster likely due to the collagen being from a bovine source.  I was sick for two weeks after only taking them for only three days.  Today I am on day two of a marine based collagen and so far so good.  I am on the look out for a recommendation for elemental calcium ( made from food ).

This was from the aerial photography Colin did here in Kelowna last Monday. Downtown Kelowna and the Yacht Club with the bridge to West Kelowna.

Gyro beach in the foreground.  Such a beautiful city we live in.

Two resort hotels on the left ( Manteo & Eldorado ) with their marinas, while on the right you can see Mission Creek flowing into Lake Okanagan.

We have had some waterskiing on our lake over the weekend but also a good deal of quiet paddling.

Because of a wild fire starting just north of Oliver late yesterday we are seeing some haze. Environment Canada has issued an air quality statement for the next two days.

As of 3PM today the fire is at 200 hectares. We can now see at 5PM an increase in haze caused by the smoke.  There are now some evacuation alerts in effect.  Not often that we see a sailboat on our lake.

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11 Responses to “A bit of this and that”

  1. George Yates says:

    Wonderful pictures of your area, The slow long weekend sounds wonderful. Your garden is really growing lots of fresh veggies.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    Your garden is sure growing! Beautiful aerial photos Colin and we do live in a beautiful city 🙂

  3. My cucumbers are doing just ok, hope to get a few more. Only harvested 2 smaller ones and they all seem to want to curl! My friend just came back to 12 big cucumbers after a cruise (she picked 4 for me right before she left) so she gifted me 3 more yesterday. My tomatoes are doing well as always – they love the heat from the siding on the side of the house. I am even still getting a few sugar snap peas! Next year we hope to have a larger garden – hubby is now getting into it whereas before he could care less

    • contessa says:

      So glad that your hubby is getting into gardening. He must enjoy the fruits of your labor. We really miss our peas this year. Travelling is taking a tool on my garden.

  4. Heather Jopling’s says:

    Off topic but was thinking of you and your Corelle dishes you need
    On my Face book page is a market page and as I often look there I see
    Various corelle patterns.I do not remember what yours is and if you are
    Not on FB perhaps a friend could check for you
    Anyway just a thought.

    • contessa says:

      Thanks Heather. I appreciate the tip. I am not on FB but I can read it to see things. My pattern is Callaway, it is a white plate with green ivy around it.

  5. Heather Jopling says:

    Is it plates you need will check?

  6. Heather Jopling says:

    No plates,gravy boat,bowls and casseroles

    On Facebook page it is at the bottom,click on marketplace and you can put the
    Info in the search

    I will keep my open for you

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