Aug 03, 2019

From art to dinner to an evening drive

Turns out that Thursdays are jazz jam time.

Certainly many activities to chose from at the Rotary Centre.

It appears that many of these people are Thursday evening regulars.  There is a small cafe on site selling drinks and snacks.

Rather than head home for dinner we opted to stop at a long time favourite Ozeki Japanese Restaurant.  Everything including the tempura veggies was very good but I was disappointed at the small piece of salmon I received.  I did mention it and the staff agreed that it was very small and did bring me another piece.

From there we stopped and toured McKinley Landing, a developing community.

The entire area is built on a hillside and most of the homes are built on stilts.  That means that the homes have no yard at all.

This is the view that the homes on stilts in the photo above have.  High on the hill but still not a great view and they have the road under their decks. The homes seen here only have a level area to park, no side nor back yard.

The entire community is built on the hillside with steep curving roads down to the water.  Certainly not a place for biking or walking unless you like to go directly up hill on the return.

There was an are with some outdoor community exercise equipment, similar to what we have seen in Mexico, including the Isla.

Though the construction fence you can see the Marina. Directly down below they are building condos and apartments. Those might be alright to live in as they are almost beach level. However they start at one million and up. The homes are even pricier.

This one has a swimming pool.  There is a lot of cement and supporting beams holding that pool up.  We could hear kids shouting in the pool and see the water splashing over the tall glass railing.  That is one way to create a backyard complex with pool.

A lovely view down/? up the lake.

Everyone wants to live on the water but this location is not for us.

We were treated to a surprise as we rounded a corner.

Bambi was curious.

A fun way to end our night out on the town.

Still thinking about that heron gourd.  Have a great weekend.  Here in Canada, it is a three day weekend.  We seem to have one almost every month 😎


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9 Responses to “From art to dinner to an evening drive”

  1. MaxxTrails says:

    Thanks for the tour of McKinley Beach, we haven’t been out there yet. Great pictures of the deer!

  2. George Yates says:

    A nice evening drive e

  3. George Yates says:

    opps, enjoying the scenery, a tasty meal and some music

  4. Those homes don’t appeal to me at all – regardless of price. I would look down at the freaking weeds and it would drive me bananas. I much prefer a yard with flowers and grass.

  5. Linda says:

    I love not having to maintain a yard. But, I still wouldn’t like that location.

    • contessa says:

      Well you have to admit that having a lake view is what it is all about, at least around here. We are happy with our small lake view andlving in an RV park is much cheaper.

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