Aug 02, 2019

Time for some art with ‘3 Amigas Plus 1 Stud’

We attended the Opening Fiesta last evening at the Rotary Centre of the Arts in downtown Kelowna.  The art will be on display the entire month of August.  I have to thank my friend and blog reader Sandy for telling me about this gala event.

This group of talented artists reside in Kelowna but spend their winters in 3 distinctly different areas of Mexico. From Cabo San Lucas to Rincon Guayabitos on the Ocean, to San Miquel de Allende, a world Heritage Site in the high sierras the locations are distinctly unique. The artists’ works reflect the cultural, architectural, environmental and nature of their experiences. The bold colors, paintings created while listening to live guitar music, hand built clay masks and gourds hand carved and painted are all born from the heat, sun, sand and smiles of the wonderful people we conspired with.

This show intends to open the viewers eyes to a multitude of experiences so you too can Feel the Heart of Mexico!!

Lorraine, on the left is the gourd artist & winters in Rincon de Guayabitos, along with my friend Sandy.  Lorraine does some teaching over the winter.  Joyce, the acrylic painter, winters in Cabo San Lucas while  George & Jaine Buse, do their art every winter in San Miguel de Allende.

Some of Lorraine’s work. I could be wrong but I think that this lovely piece is only $175.00, such a great price for this piece of art.


Colin and I both fell in love with this one as we have herons both here and on the Isla. We even have a spot to put it.  A bit more at $250.00.  We are still seriously thinking about it.

Lorraine, you are extremely talented. It was a delight to meet you. A very special hola to Sandy from Lorraine.

“Under a Summer Sky” by Joyce Findlay.  A beautiful original piece of acrylic art for only $125.00.

“Hibiscus Beauty” also by Joyce.  Oh how I wish we had walls instead of windows.  Joyce also paints some lovely animal canvases but I am partial to flowers.

Jaine Buse also paints in acrylics.  This painting called ‘Ying of Mexico’ is a work done in mixed media.  She also likes to paint more in the abstract.

Also mixed media, this one is called ‘Community’. The painting above, an acrylic, is titled ‘Mark in Time’.

George Buse, Jaine’s husband is a potter.  These 6 pieces of pottery art are entitled ‘Primary Geometry’, selling for $295.00.

This one is called Pho Nomenon, very clever name and colourful.

I quite liked this one, simply called ‘The Dancers’.  If I had space I would have snapped this up for $95.00.  As you can see all of these pieces of art are at affordable prices so that everyone is able to own a piece of original art.

We had a wonderful time at this exhibit. This is the outside of the Rotary Center for the Arts.

This piano is one of eight pianos placed throughout the Kelowna area for anyone including some famous celebrities to play.  The pianos are decorated by local artists.

If you click here you will understand the purpose behind the Pianos in the Parks.

As it turns out, this was only the first half of our evening.  Part two coming tomorrow.





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8 Responses to “Time for some art with ‘3 Amigas Plus 1 Stud’”

  1. George Yates says:

    Some interesting artwork there and the pianos would be fun as well.

    • contessa says:

      Great artwork and the pains ae fun. I have seen photos in the locals news about performing celebrities who have played those pianos.

  2. Love that poppy picture. We are slowly investing in real art, have 2 paintings we love, want to buy a big feature piece for our livingroom wall but haven’t quite found the right piece at the right price yet but we are looking!

    • contessa says:

      It takes time to acquire art. We have been fortune over the years to find some lovely pieces Sadly we have had to sell some of them as our current lifestyle and small home with few walls leaves us no space.

  3. SandyM says:

    Dear Contessa, this is a wonderful blog on the opening at the Rotary Centre of the Arts. So glad you could be there and thank you for the many photos. Enjoyed every word.

  4. The heron and the dragon fly are the best. Looks like it was a great showing.

    • contessa says:

      The dragon fly gourd caught my eye but the heron means a lot to us. We are still thinking about it. Not sure if the only spot we have is the right place.

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