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Jul 15, 2019

Something to smile about

Thanks to a long time blog reader, Greytlady,  I have something special to share with you.  Truly appreciated and you are a great lady for sending this to me.  The following photo was taken by a 19 year old.  All sixteen of these doxies are his. If you click here, it will take you to […]


Jul 14, 2019

Garage sale

Later in the day I saw an online ad offering two free patio chairs and stools.  They were just two miles away so we went to take a look.  Pieces of wood had been placed to create a base as the webbed slats were falling apart.  However both the cushions which had been covered with […]


Jul 11, 2019

A long day

You might say that we are almost back to normal.  For the first time since mid September Colin is working.  That means I won’t see him until at least an hour after it becomes dark.  We have been together every day and almost every moment since we left for Alburqueque last September 21st. My day […]


Jul 09, 2019

This and that

I have been meaning to mention that on this last trip to Europe the water ( other than in Marrakech ) was good to drink  right from the tap.  That saved us a good deal of money.  Oh and on the cruise ship we had to drink bottled water but we were able to get […]


Jul 08, 2019

We had a busy Sunday

The rains stopped yesterday and Colin decided it was time to get some chores done.  While the business is quiet and slowly getting up to speed he is using this extra time to get some things crossed off the list.  Just as he was doing that I of course added four more things to his […]


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