Jul 24, 2019

July calendar girls

This month features Cloii & Carmeh.  Cloii was our first and I talked about her in March and added a bit about her in May . Looking back I realize that I never mentioned that Cloii died because she was poisoned while we were in Playa las Glorias.  Carmeh was our third and I wrote about her in June.

If you re read the stories you will remember that Cloii was not happy when we went to pick up Carmeh and actually peed on the breeders white carpet.  On the way home at one rest area after they had done their business they sat together on the dash side by side, a big first, portrayed in the top photo.  Then they suddenly  began to do a slow dance together, shown top left.  That was the beginning of their happy time together.  They were four years and ten months apart in age.  Sadly they were only together sixteen months before Cloii died.  However those months were quality time.  These photos bring back such wonderful memories.

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  1. George Yates says:

    So many wonderful memories and love your pictures.

  2. Sandie DIXON says:


  3. Contessa cherish those doxie memories. The girls brightened your lives and will forever stay in your hearts. I know.
    I am back from my overseas trip and have started the rehoming process for our pups. It will be hard to say goodbye to them. They are so sweet!

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