Jul 23, 2019

Tree removal and more

Last Thursday was one of those miserable days but that was the only day our landscaper had time to come.

Between my car and the first Alberta tree you see is where Colin parks.  The second tree on the right belongs to the yard with weeds.  We have a second Alberta spruce to the left of my car at the other edge of our property.  They were both here when we purchased this lot.

The trees have grown over the years and it is becoming increasingly difficult  for Colin to get in and out of his vehicle.  So we decided to remove the spruce.

Once the cutting began we saw how large a tree was.

The inside was dead, you can see how little green there is all around the tree.

So much debris.

A huge stump. A chain was attached to the stump and to the hitch on the work truck.

Ever so slowly the stump came out.

Roots and all.

The next phase was adding more Oyama shale aka pink crush to our golf cart parking area. What a neat trailer.

Colin and I were spreading the shale and taking some inside the yard to the few places we wanted to freshen up. Our original rocks were from 2012 and I felt they needed to be ‘spruced’ up 🙂

While we did that, W and his son were filling in the hole with sand, tampering it down and then adding two of the four 24″ x 24″ patio stones we had left from when we built the patio.

It looked wonderful once they were done.  More shale at the road edge and that open area on the left was filled the next day.  Walter took one of the patio stones home and cut it to fill the space.  Those splotches are the beginning of a heavy rain shower.

When we were flooded two years ago the lake sat on our patio for a long time before receeding and much of the sand under the patio tiles was washed away.  You can see just below Colin’s foot on the right how the patio is no longer laying flat.  We waited until this spring/summer to add more sand and to try and even it all out.  You know me and my tripping issues.  I wanted as few hazards as possible.

So W did the lifting and Colin did the sanding. It was too wet for me to go outside.  By the time they finished the sun came out.  It is not quite complete.  A few more slabs need to be adjusted.

How it looked when all was said and done that day.  That dark grey area on the pavement and the third patio slab back is from the tree.  I will eventually get around to power washing that area and maybe the rest of the driveway.  I just hate wasting water on that.


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3 Responses to “Tree removal and more”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice to get that tree taken care of and your tripping hazard removed as well.

  2. Shelagh says:

    Can’t your strata force the property owner to maintain a clean site? They could do the weeding then charge him for the service.
    There are some cheap and natural weed solutions that can be found on pinterest that I would be using in the meantime to keep his weeds from getting into my yard.
    Cheers, Shelagh

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    We removed some cedar trees from our yard and it is a big job … and I was always surprised by how dead they are inside, no wonder they are a fire hazard!

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