Jul 11, 2019

A long day

You might say that we are almost back to normal.  For the first time since mid September Colin is working.  That means I won’t see him until at least an hour after it becomes dark.  We have been together every day and almost every moment since we left for Alburqueque last September 21st.

My day started early ( for me ) as I left around 9:45AM for a doctors appointment.  More on that in another post.  From there I had eight other stops, a combination of grocery stops and errands.  I did not get home until almost 4:30PM.  I was tired and Colin wasn’t there to help me unload.  The trunk and backseat of the car were full.  I missed Colin all day and even more when I got home.

Paper towels at Costco were $5.00 off so I got 4 packages of twelve. $20.00 saved.  Plus the ziplock bags were $3.00 off.  I have enough of both to last us a year or so I hope.  We usually take 24 rolls of paper towels with us to Mexico, so we should be good until next spring.

By the time I got to Save On Foods I needed to use the bathroom.  Wow, some funky lighting. I’m sure it has something to do with drug addicts shooting up in the bathroom. I could barely see my skin with the blue lighting. There is a sign on the door that you need to go to customer service to get the code to the lock on the door and that it changes daily.

Once home I unloaded, checked emails and had a quick two minute chat with Colin.  He was too busy to talk, in fact he was standing on a kitchen counter in a house.

It was my responsibility to check the garden and do the watering.  Today was one of our hottest days in a long while. That tiny line of green ( at the bottom of the photo ) that goes from left to right and stops 3/4 of the way to the end of the shot is our Swiss chard.  To the right of the green is a dark line in  the soil.  Something ate all the kale and the dark line is a wee trench in which I am replanting seeds.

The Swiss chard on the right has been nibbled down.  I suspect quail.  We just might not get some green this summer.

The only good thing was this new cucumber, just three inches long.  Nothing new with the tomatoes, still no flowers.

As I drove back home ( I was in the golf cart ) I stopped and chatted with a few neighbours.  Once I walked in the door, I was struck by how empty the house was.  No doggies and no Colin.  It took a few moments to adjust.  When we are home together we each do our own thing but we know that the other is in the area.  Tonight was different.

I decided to not do any desk work nor open the mail and instead sat with a glass of wine and my iPad.  I finished a book and then started on this post on the desktop computer.  Once I am done here, I will scrounge for something to eat and start another novel.  It won’t be long before I am once again used to being on my own most evenings.  I am happy for Colin that business had started up and looks to be a busy next month or so.  Soon I will be happy having my own quiet time and getting into a different routine with different projects.

It was a long day for me.  Time to eat and to relax.  But until Colin get’s home, I am just feeling like something is missing.




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12 Responses to “A long day”

  1. George Yates says:

    Looks like you really stocked up, W3 don’t have the storage so we have no need to go the Costco.
    Suzie have been together in our rv now 13 years soon to begin our 14th year.And we do love our time together. Not very often we are apart for very long.

    • contessa says:

      We have worked and lived together for close to 30 years. When Colin had to be way on the job I had the girls to keep me company.

  2. It’s so nice to harvest from your own garden and a disappointment when crop gets eaten or doesn’t produce. The tomatoes look good, just need some sunshine. Wow, that is a load of paper towels. I’m going through a lot right now too with the cleanup after the puppies. At least you can take advantage of good sales. I would have to store those in the garage or put them beside my bed :-))
    Nice that Collin has some more jobs lined up. Helps with the travel money. All the best and relax a bit!

    • contessa says:

      Well actually I don’t have much storage here either. Two packages will go into the RV and one will fit in our very high up storage unit about the stacked washer/dryer. Not sure about the final package.

  3. So glad Colin was able to go out and do some photography without smoke and with sunshine. I know what it feels like to be around someone 24/7. Hubby misses me when I volunteer on Friday afternoons lol and he hasn’t traveled as much this year with our business (bit slower than usual) so we see each other all the time. I just booked him away in September and early December though so will have a few days apart each time. I hope your Kale/chard grows. I have an aphid infestation on my flowers so have been patrolling and spraying with water/dishsoap combo. My veggies are doing great however. The right combo of sun/rain this year.

    • contessa says:

      Yes you would totally understand what I was feeling. I will eventually get used to him being gone over the summer. Sounds llike you ar doing the right thing regarding the aphids. Sometimes in Mexico I just spray them off with water and it works.

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    The new lighting in the Save On washroom is for the exact reason you mentioned but I also found it very funky when I went in for the first time!

  5. Time for relaxation and reflection. Nothing like a good book and a glass of wine.

    If that is true about the washroom in Costco, we are living in pathetic times.

    • contessa says:

      It actually was in Save On Foods but it certainly startled me. Yes we are living in pathetic times. So glad that we never had children.

  6. SandyM says:

    Rabbits, ground hogs and deer – all will happily eat your garden greens down to the ground and start next on your tomatoes. That is so disappointing when they get to your garden produce first. Summer is upon us and we are enjoying it – hope you do too as it makes it way to you.

    • contessa says:

      We don’t have any pf the critters around, just the quail. We used to have rabbis but they have all been caught, maybe 4 -5 years ago and no longer are a problem. Sp far we have no smoke but nor do we have what used to be a normal BC summer. Lots of clouds and rain. Not complaining.

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