Jul 08, 2019

We had a busy Sunday

The rains stopped yesterday and Colin decided it was time to get some chores done.  While the business is quiet and slowly getting up to speed he is using this extra time to get some things crossed off the list.  Just as he was doing that I of course added four more things to his list, one of which is a big to do and I will tackle that next spring.

One of the few wooden pieces on our home is the framing of our patio door. It gets direct sunlight a good deal of the day.  Sometime over the summer we need to sand it down and re paint it.

At one point yesterday I came outside and saw that one half of our basement had been moved onto the patio.

Shortly after we got home in April Colin had our patio sandblasted.  You can read about that here. It was a great success except that they blew the extremely fine sand beads under the house.  There is a photo in that blog showing how it even came through into the house.  It has been on his mind to get under the house and clean up the mess.

He is wearing knee pads and is rolling around on a board on casters.  We have tons of space under our home ( 44′ x 22′ ) and keep a good deal under there.  The kayaks are on the left of those support beams.  Further back behind Colin we have many bins full of Christmas decorations from our huge home, some of my ballroom dancing clothes and shoes, seven years plus of accounting information, suitcases, much photography equipment and who knows what else.  The last two years when we were flooded and almost flooded we moved all the cardboard upstairs and got rid of what we could and pretty much everything is now in plastic tubs.  However I believe that we have some oriental carpets as well original paintings under there as well.  No one wants to buy them and so because we have the space we keep them.  We have six doors into our crawl space making for easy access to our things.

Colin found these nice wrought iron plant caddies underneath and a few other items that we no longer used.  So I listed them on the park buy and sell page.

The compressor was purchased a few years ago at a garage sale and never used.  I sold it for the same price we paid for it.  I also sold a pair of new orthotic sandals than never fit me from day one and were never worn outside.

I listed these and the bike baskets as free. So we sold two items and made $80.00 with little effort. I am surprised that no one wants the plant caddies.

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  1. Maxx Trails says:

    I like the plant caddies, how much do you want for them?

    • contessa says:

      So sorry to tell you that I sold them about noon today and then had someone else thirty minutes later what them. I sold all nine for $47.00.

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