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Jul 31, 2019

Final fun with friends and a trip into Kelowna


Jul 30, 2019

The painted turtle!

I am not referring to the wine we drink, what I like to call our house wine. Nor am I referring to the painted turtles that are in our lake, the ones that are at risk.  You can read a bit about that here. Instead I am referring to a painted turtle that I brought […]


Jul 29, 2019

Enjoying visitors from my home town of Edmonton, Alberta

Paul came into my life when Colin and I hired him to video my Dad’s memorial service at U of A in Edmonton back in March of 2017.  Both my Mom and my Dad had given their bodies to the University of Alberta to be used by medical students to further their medical studies.  Usually […]


Jul 28, 2019

The high cost of growing cherries

Colin and I have had visitors this week as well as quite a bit of photography to get done 😀  I will catch up with all of that in the next few days but thought you might enjoying this bit on cherries. We have had a very wet season here thus far which affects the […]


Jul 24, 2019

July calendar girls

This month features Cloii & Carmeh.  Cloii was our first and I talked about her in March and added a bit about her in May . Looking back I realize that I never mentioned that Cloii died because she was poisoned while we were in Playa las Glorias.  Carmeh was our third and I wrote […]


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