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Jun 24, 2019

Home at last with one mishap

The flight from Toronto to Vancouver was approximately 4 hours and 45 minutes.  It was a nice flight with a wonderful flight attendant and we enjoyed it. I even had a glass of champagne and orange juice after take off.  We were allowed to delay our meal until up to an hour before landing.  We […]


Jun 23, 2019

25 hours of airports and airplanes

Day one of a two day trip to get us home began yesterday, Friday, June 21st when we awoke at 0330/3:30am.  Neither of us slept well, both worried about sleeping through the iPhone alarm or the possibility that I had set it incorrectly and that it might not go off. Final items were locked into […]


Jun 21, 2019

Last fun day in Lisbon

Very early Thursday morning Colin went on a three hour plus walk about. He wanted to get out before others were on the street. His primary goal was to check out the three ascensors which are old tram cars that carry people up as well as down very steep hills. The cost is 3.8EUR each […]


Jun 20, 2019

Lisbon from high up

Yesterday, Wednesday, turned out to be much better weather than the forecast. There are many elevators and escalators to help get up and down the hills here in Lisbon. Some are free as are the ones up to the castle while most of the others are covered by a transit pass. We purchased a 24 […]


Jun 19, 2019

Touring Lisbon

Tuesday morning started off with a power failure. Colin plugged in the kettle and blew all the breakers. We found the electrical panel but it was totally different from what we were familiar with and Colin did not want to play with it. We no longer had internet which was a problem as I needed […]


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