Jun 17, 2019

Our last day and time to move on

Once again we eased into our final day in Porto on Sunday. But once we got going, we didn’t stop. We started by taking the metro to one stop further along and got off at General Torres which was next to a very gentle walk down to the river. A good stroll down with wonderful views. Easy to do and well worth the effort.

The metro is well thought out to the point of having to stand behind a line in order to let those getting off have a clear path out so that we might board easier.

Views of Porto from the Gaia side as we walked down the hill.

Back down to the Gaia waterfront.

We walked until we got to the Mercado we had seen yesterday. Our plan was to have lunch here. We found an interesting place for pasta and ordered one meal which we chose to share.  I then walked over to a wine booth to get us two glasses of new to us, green wine. A huge pour for 2,9 Euro each.  The pasta was great but we needed just a bit more and got a large bowl of pumpkin ginger soup to share for only 2.2 Euro. Such a special treat.

Penne with tomato sauce, cream, shallot, Smoked Salmon, Vodka and chives.

I purchased our wine at a different booth, saving us a few Euro.

As we ate, Colin mentioned that we ( he ) had  not purchased anything here in Porto. I  immediately came back with the reply that we had already spent 65 Euro / 98.00CAD in porto related expenses. Between the bottle for the apartment, the cellar tour and the two patio tastings, we had spent a few dollars.

After lunch we went to the Bar Soares for another round of five port tastings for five Euros each. The one yesterday was on the far side of the Mercardo and this one was on the other side of the Mercado entrance. From left to right, Burmester Ruby Porto, Extra Dry White, the Offley Rose Porto, the Burmester Tawny Porto and the White Porto.

Enough said.

It was a very special day for us. Colin mentioned that he was ready to prolong our trip by a few weeks. Fine with me as long as he figured out all the details.

Now that is a very cool ride and something that I could handle.

You never know what you are going to see around the next corner.  It looked to have been constructed from recycled materials.

Waiting for the water taxi.

Here it comes.

More shots as we walked up the hill.

Pointing out the sales at the port store.

The street is very sloped as are those tables at that cafe. Quite the feat to keep the food and beverages on the table.

Two street musicians were setting up to play and I loved this table and their individual choice of beverage.

Eventually it was time to get back to our place and start packing.  We took the water taxi again and walked back up the hill and took the metro just two stations.  Our plan had been to pack and then go out for dinner but again we were not hungry so we just stayed in.

We are off by train in the morning to our final destination of this trip.

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8 Responses to “Our last day and time to move on”

  1. Best pictures of you yet! A tidbit to share. The inventor and founder of the Segway died accidentally driving his Segway off a cliff near his house. Yikes!

  2. Kelly says:

    I do believe travel agrees with you both.

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    I really want to visit Porto, your pictures sure show it’s beauty!

  4. Peter Kouwenhoven says:

    Porto looks like my kind of place. I like the flights of port, looks very tasty. What an amazing journey you’re on! Great pictures.

  5. Kathryn Tycho says:

    Lovely tour. The way Eric shares is that we both get a meal and he finishes what I can’t eat!?

  6. Catheline says:

    Porto looks so amazing, such wonderful photos. You two look like all your hard work through your working careers have paid off, what a retirement.

    all my best,

  7. Linda Sand says:

    My Segway had a seat. Fun to ride on asphalt or pavement. It was heavy, though, and would not be very comfortable on cobblestones.

  8. Alan says:

    Hello Colin and Contessa
    No, we haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth. Today we said goodbye to our visiting Aussie friends. We have never the less been following your daily blog. It must be said Contessa that the photos of you at the Bar Soares with the multi coloured Port glasses are great. You look so relaxed and loose. You both are living La Vida. Good on you both.
    Alan and Laura

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