Jun 09, 2019

Our second full day in Seville

Everything has been perfect here in Seville including the weather.  On our final full day we awoke to 61F/16C and that slowly changed to a glorious 90F/32C which was hot in the direct sun. However all the tall buildings provide shade so you can still walk around.

Months ago I booked tickets to the Real Alcázar. It was a toss up between here or a visit to the Cathedral. We had read that the Alcázar was the number one attraction. When our tour guide yesterday told us that between the two this would be the first choice, I was happy. For certain we will visit the Cathedral on our next visit.

Part of the Royal Apartments are on the second floor.

The Real Alcázar, a royal palace, has a history stretching back more than a thousand years. It is one of the most complex and important buildings in the world; the diversity and uniqueness of its almost labyrinthine rooms are of extraordinary value.  The history of the Islamic palace is that of a city itself:  a dynamic city that grew in size along with its political influence and architectural wealth.

It is one of two Royal Places still in use in Europe. The current Royal family still lives there and tours of the Royal Apartments are for sale in limited numbers.  Security was prevalent plus we had to put everything into a locker including my purse and our cameras. We had the only key so we were not concerned about leaving  our things. There were 17 maximum to a group. We given an audio device and were under the supervision of a security guard. You might want to Goggle to check if there are photos online. The tour was amazing and lasted about 45 minutes.  Such a vast amount of wealth along with invaluable items. From there we went on to tour the palace’s patios, halls and rooms where we saw the various Islamic, Mudejar, Gothic and Renaissance styles.

Then there were the wonderful gardens that were first planted a thousand years ago and bring together, in perfect harmony, landscapes, galleries, ponds, sculptures and fountains, all full of history and legend. We visited for a good three hours. The following are photos of some of the gardens.

The gardens go on forever in every direction. In the far distance the boundary of the palace grounds is marked by the fortress walls.

We found a way up to a second story balcony walk area part way along a length of garden which allowed us great views without having to walk through them in the sun and heat.

I can’t imagine living in such an opulent  palace and being surrounded by such magnificent gardens.

We walked out and started meandering until we came to a lovely patio table in the shade. We sat down and saw that the menu suited us perfectly. In fact, it was the best lunch we have enjoyed here in Spain. It was another perfect day.  Colin had purchased another pair of shoes yesterday and today it was a hat. He is becoming very chic. I finally found something to buy, a lovely fan as a reminder of our time here in Sevilla.

I am putting the name of the restaurant here for those who may travel here and also as a reminder for us for our next trip.

Colin had the salmon and avocado salad. When I saw it I thought that I had made the wrong choice. I did get a few bites of this salad and it was excellent.

My first tapa was Adobo fried fish. Very lightly fried but is a batter coated on the inside with a lovely spice. Each bite was savory and meal in your mouth tender.

My second tapa was fried eggplant with cane honey.  It was OMG beyond wonderful, like nothing you have ever tasted.

It truly was an excellent meal and we both wanted to go back for dinner. We didn’t as we are always looking for somewhere new to try.

Later as we walked, I saw a fellow bend down next to a bicycle. I thought that he was unlocking his lock. Then he reached over his shoulder into his backpack.  Out came a tool and snap snap and he was on the bike racing away. It was that fast. I kept thinking about how the owner of that bike will have his day ruined.

We went back to the apartment where we both did blog work, words and photos. Colin went out to find batteries and more nighttime cough medicine for me.  Poor guy, he had to go to four pharmacies before he found it.  Meanwhile I showered and washed my hair. We both did as much packing as we could.  Then it was time for our last meal in Seville.

Yes we are off again. This time by air. It’s to a different country. I know that you will enjoy it.


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5 Responses to “Our second full day in Seville”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Wow, that palace is incredible! I can only imagine what that detail looked like up close.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    Those were beautiful gardens and you also got some nice pictures of the two of you. Your meals always make me hungry when I read your blog, they look so good 🙂 Can’t wait to see where you are headed next.

  3. I just love the architecture of Andalusia. Where to next….Portugal maybe?

  4. Dolores says:

    My gosh, that was beautiful! I know I seem redundant and say the same thing over n over, should have done better adjectives …. But truly beautiful!!

  5. Deborah So says:

    What a wonderful trip! Thank you for the very detailed posts. We’re planning to get away next spring to avoid the extreme heat & dryness in Guadalajara during May, and I’m sure I’ll be referring to these posts for inspiration.
    Buen viaje!

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