Jun 02, 2019

Our next destination is Cordoba, Spain

We had to take the train back to Madrid and make a change there. That involved a very long walk that resulted in us having to put our bags through the x-ray machine for the second time in an hour.  Then we almost got lost but finally figured it out.  Our destination Cordoba never came up on the departure board so I went in search of someone who might help, turns out the trains final destination was Seville and that was what we had to look for to find our boarding platform number.  We had to go up one level to catch our train but in the end, after check in, we had to take an escalator down again to the same platform to actually board our train.  Hopefully this makes sense to someone, certainly not me.  It was a pleasant 1 & 3/4 of an hour ride.  The only glitch was that when they came around and offered coffee, juice or water, we had to end up paying 4.2 Euro for our coffees.  We didn’t want them for that price but they were already on our tables so we paid.  We were in first class on this leg of the journey and last year when we traveled first class in Italy, coffee, etc. was included.

Lucky her, she didn’t have to walk. I wish someone would pull me around.

Here is the link our Airbnb which has front patio doors that open to the street and a lovely patio in the back.  We are within ten minutes walk to everything we would want to see in the historic area.  The host also provides a full breakfast from bread, muffins, donuts, tomatoes, oranges, bananas, apples, apricots, cereal, milk, two varieties of yogurt and many teas and coffees.  We were overwhelmed with the abundance of food.  It is also the first time I have slept on monogramed sheets and pillow cases and had monogramed towels as well.

The address here is Calle San Fernando, 76.

Once again the city was filled to capacity.  June 1st, the day we arrived was the last day of an annual  one week event called Feria.  You can read a bit about it here. Interesting how we hit upon full cities in Madrid, Toledo and now here in Cordoba due to some major event.  Many folks, especially the ladies dress up for the celebration.  It was fun to watch everyone.

Once we were semi organized we went out looking for wine (we usually buy water also but the water in Spain is good to drink ) and a place to have lunch.  I can’t imagine walking around dressed like that as I was melting with as few clothes on as possible.  Temperatures here are soaring, we were at 34C/93.2F early afternoon and it got a bitter warmer yet.

The Romans founded Cordoba and a 1000 years ago it was the largest city in the world and controlled the Iberian Peninsula. Today the population is around 325,000.  Each city we have been in has its own unique energy including dealing with traffic, restaurants;  actually everything.  Here everything is very laid back.  It took us about five minutes to find a place with a menu that appealed to us.

We each had a half serving of the house salad which was a full meal in itself.  Among other things it contained, asparagus, pieces of apple, beets, carrots, corn, tomatoes and wonderful fresh lettuce.  It was topped off with a generous amount of tuna.  Wonderful salad and very filling.

Thinking that the half salad would be a typical small lettuce salad we ordered a plate of lightly fried eggplant to share which came with a Spanish tomato & bread sauce.  We were unable to eat it all.  Great meal.  Each city has its own specialties.

Here are some street scenes as we walked along.

We were to have visited the Mezquita – Catedral in the afternoon but is closed early because of the Feria.  I have since found out that this Feria is not just about rides for the children to enjoy but incorporates many cultural activities, such as folkloric events including flamenco dancing.

One thing we noticed was that the ladies and young women dressed up.  The guys not so much but they did look presentable.

I wasn’t hungry for dinner but Colin was, so we found a small place in which to eat.  The wine is always good with an average price of 2;5 Euro per glass/copa.

Smoked salmon and creme cheese on a bagel for Colin.

As I was not hungry but knew that I should eat something I ordered the tempura vegetables.  Both our meals were great and of course Colin had to help me finish my veggies.


We then went for a stroll along the banks of the  Guadalquivir river. We also walked along the Roman bridge and caught the lights lighting up the Mezquite – Catedral. A wonderful end to our first day here in Cordoba, despite the heat.

This doesn’t fit in with this post but I wanted to show you how much things have changed for me in the past year.  In addition to the laptop we are traveling with the iPhone which I now know how to use ( more or less ) and the iPad which we are both using to check emails and the internet and me for reading.  So happy we added the iPad.

I was writing the last post in Toledo.


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  1. Linda and Russell says:

    What a great trip so far. Love the apartments you’ve chosen too. Have fun!!

  2. AirBnB is the only way to go. You’ve have found very luxurious properties at excellent prices.

  3. Sally says:

    That lady in the blue dress is gorgeous!!! Why are the streets so narrow?

    • SandyM says:

      My thoughts, too, as to the lady in blue! She is indeed gorgeous!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your photos – that take up a lot of your time – I think all of us appreciate it very much.

  4. George Yates says:

    Another fun day exploring, znc enjoying the sights.
    Nice to see you have all your apples up and working. We love ours as well.

  5. Maxx Trails says:

    Every city is just as beautiful, and interesting, as the last, thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  6. Kathryn Tycho says:

    Gorgeous ladies, delectable food and a beautiful city…what more can you ask for!

  7. Cordoba – one of my very favorite cities in Spain. We stayed in a small hotel right at the corner of the Cathedral. Such a beautiful building.

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