May 21, 2019

M/V Celestyal Crystal

We had to be out of the apartment by 11AM but boarding was not until 1:30PM so we simply waited at the cruise terminal.  Our ship is small with only 1200 passengers but it is full.  The day was mostly overcast but the sun came out as we were eating our buffet lunch on the Leda deck.  The food was amazing with so many vegetarian and seafood options.  We certainly won’t go hungry.  Plus our cruise includes an all inclusive alcohol package from Aegean or International cocktails to Greek wines & liquors to a variety of hard liquor to sherry, port and more.  The sun came out for a few hours late afternoon but then the clouds returned.  Hopefully the weather will improve for our week cruising the Greek islands.

The ship is larger than expected considering the small amount of passengers but is has all that one could need except for a large pool.  The pool it tiny and the hot tub even smaller.  Our room is great but then it is a JR Balcony Suite, one of 43.  Love the balcony.  Basically we boarded, ate lunch, toured the ship as I mentioned, had a welcome meeting and then our muster drill.  Somewhere in there we unpacked and relaxed for a bit.  We had time for a cocktail and chose to have a late dinner ( for a cruise but early by our normal standards ) and attend the last of the two identical entertainment shows put on each evening, which was rather spectacular.  The ship did not sail until 9PM as our first stop was only a distance of 98 nautical miles.  Apparently there are folks from all over with 30 different languages spoken on board.  We met folks from Bulgaria, Cuba, Minnesota, Venezuela ( sad story about her family still there ), Barcelona & Madrid and we only spoke to a few. Surprisingly we found ourselves speaking Spanish quite a bit and with the waiters at dinner.  We were even offered a Spanish menu ?  Our cabin steward, Shafick, is from a very small island just off of Madagascar. I have no internet in which to research the exact name.  We have enjoyed our first day to the utmost.  Oh and we even managed a few dances at the end of the show which was ‘Fiesta’, a musical voyage through Latina America.  What great way to end our first day onboard.
Colin on the right above.

Taken from the ship. A typical street view. Talk about living one on top of the other.

The tiny pool. Holds 10 -15.

One of the many lounges. No one area ever seems crowded.

The show lounge.

Our favorite white Greek wine.

Thanks to my research I came up with the ideas to use magnetic hooks on the ship wall to hang a few times. The shoe bag over the door idea is brilliant. We have plenty of closet and drawer space for clothing.

I was trying out one of the Aegean cocktails called Greek Mama. It is made with tequila, apricot brandy, coconut cream, fruit punch & grenadine. The few this few sips were good but I found the fruit punch overwhelmed the drink.

One of the Signature Martinis. Ouzotini, made with ouzo, vodka, peach schnapps, lime squash and mint. Yummy!

Everything we ate was excellent and Colin’s pan seared Alaskan salmon was well presented and proved to be moist and tasty. I should have had it as well but my Caesar salad with grilled shrimp was good but only came with three small sized grilled shrimp. Mexico has forever spoiled me with its excellent shrimp.

Once we started to cruise, Colin went for a wee walk and saw so many seagulls flying alongside.

Bésame Mucho sung with ballet.



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4 Responses to “M/V Celestyal Crystal”

  1. George Yates says:

    We love cruising as well , enjoy your time at sea. Looks like a nice small ship

  2. SandyM says:

    What a wonderful first day on board. Colin’s dinner looked delicious. Your idea of magnetic hooks is such a good idea. The shoe bag over the door would work in a small RV – just a smaller one; neat idea, thanks for sharing.

  3. I am guessing the pool is tiny as this ship doesn’t spend much time at sea and lots of time in ports – looking forward to seeing where it goes. Looks like a nice ship and cabin though!

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    My plan was always to take a Greek Island cruise when I retired but then hubby decided to retire right away and we hit the road … it’s still on my bucket list!

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