May 09, 2019

This and that

This post is going to be a catch up with a little bit of this and more of that.  I have to get these miscellaneous photos incorporated into the blog somehow.  For a few years now I have been fretting ( yes that old fashioned word)  about how I will be able to read my blog in twenty plus years time.  Perhaps we won’t have computers or CD’s.  In fact neither of our two desktop computers nor our laptop are able to play a CD.  So how the heck when I am close to ninety plus and confined to a bed or whatever will I be able to read my blog from the beginning.  Once I am no longer able to travel I want to be able to read what I written since 2010. How I wish I had all of our travels from 1999 to May of 2010 which I wrote by hand and some by email to my parents included in the 5C’s Que Pasa files.  I do have those in written form fortunately but what if I can’t access my blog from as it is now, because of new technology?  I have been asking computer savy folks about this for a few years now.  Finally someone came up with a suggestion and my computer guru  😀  came up with a way to save my blog posts 😛   If I can’t travel I certainly want be able to relive the que pasa of my life and now I can.  Sorry but I can’t explain the details to you, way way above my pay grade.  If I am unable to see, hence not read, at least someone will be able to read it to me including the comments and describe the photos.  Your comments are precious to me.  Just think that I will be reading them 20 – 30 years from now and I will remember each and everyone of you.  So very very special to me.

I took this as I was waiting at a stop light.  This dude was bopping his body and especially his head to whatever music he was listening to.  It made me smile that he was so happy doing whatever job he was doing.

This is only a few blocks from our home. You might say that this was a drive by photo.  Colin was driving and had to turn left before I had time to zoom in. This is an osprey sitting on her nest.  Over the past few years we have seen the couple flying over our lake hunting for fish to feed the new family.

After we contacted the warranty department about  our broken  suitcase , we were off Monday afternoon to get it repaired. It was a good 45 minute drive over to West Kelowna.  This is the only facility in our area that does luggage repair.  Fortunately they had parts or else we would have had to send the suitcase in or possibly buy another one for our trip.  The repair was to take an hour and we spent that time grocery and wine shopping.

The warranty department wanted both back wheels changed so that they were balance.  Unfortunately the shop only had one wheel that fit.  The new one is on the top.  I like that is is wider and likely much sturdier.  They will get the second wheel in and replace it once we get back from our trip.  Meanwhile this one is a perfect match height wise so no issue with balance.  So nice to have this all covered under warranty.

We spotted this neat vehicle as we were in the area.

No idea what the make is but really a cool car.  I should have zoomed in on the make but I was just enjoying the moment.

This is the end of the paperwork. I am happy to tell you that I am finally caught up totally to date. What a wonderful feeling.  I had one more medical appointment today and now am doing things like starting to pack, etc.  FYI, I am feeling much better.  The last three days have been very good.  If this continues for another three then I think I may in good shape.

I have been slowly reintroducing real food to my diet.  These beets are from our garden last summer and were stored in our fridge all winter.  Thank you Jannose for telling me how to store our extra beets.

Colin had finally given up his Blackberry and now has an iPhone 6, the same as me. Easy to set up his phone and to show him how to use it.  However he is holding out on the smart part and insists on only using it to text and to make calls.  There will be no contacts set up!  Looks like I have to give him time.  After all I was the same when I got my iPhone.  I really like his case.

So much activity around here of late. Someone got a new shed.

There is a lot of asphalting going on in our park this week.  A good deal of it is due to the flooding two years ago.  It is causing a lot of problems in terms of driving in the area of where the work is happening.  Today I was told to go four blocks further and turn around and then I should be able to turn into our street to get home.  Nada.  So I was told to wait some more.  I asked if I could please just go down our street the wrong way ( it is a one way ).  Finally security agreed.

Some good news. We finally saw the beaver.

But it was not ‘our’ beaver. This one is much smaller.  Not a clear photo but I did not want to frighten him.  We hope that the larger beaver that we have seen for many years is still around.  They did some work last fall in the area the beaver lives to clear debris in order to help with potential flooding.  We are just so happy to still have a beaver around.  Perhaps it is in offspring.

It is 8PM and the sky is still so bright.  We are truly trying to eat earlier but keep getting fooled as to what time it is.  I really think that we used to be Europeans in a past life as we naturally prefer to eat closer to 9PM.  Time for a quick ( 30 – 40 minutes ) bath and then dinner.  Hope you all had a great day.  Spring is in the air.

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9 Responses to “This and that”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice to get your suitcase repaired on warranty,
    That Vehicle is Jeepster made for 3 years 1948, 49 and 50. a cool vehicle .

  2. Jannose says:

    Glad you are feeling better. Looking forward to hearing about your trip to Europe. Great time of year to be there. We are finally over our jet lag. Also glad to see your beets made it through the winter!

    • contessa says:

      Glad you are back and getting settled. Now it is our turn to travel to Europe. We are really getting excited.

  3. Well done on getting caught up! Love your resident beaver, they are such neat creatures even though sometimes destructive, rather peaceful. What brand is your suitcase? We usually do Samsonite on sale, now have a couple sets and they seem almost indestructible with all of hubby’s travel.

    • contessa says:

      Long ago we used hard sided Samsonite but when we started traveling a few years ago we got Swiss Gear at an exceptional price from Canada Luggage Depot.

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