May 02, 2019

May calendar girls photo

Back in March I talked about Cloii and then in April I shared some information on Channel.  This May calendar photo is a collage of the two of them.


Cloii wore the raspberry coloured collar and the teal collar was Channel’s.  Channel did sleep like that with her head on the floor.  Their noses are dusty in the photo top right as they were digging for crabs on the beach.  In the middle shot you can see how large Channel’s chest was.  I knit them each a blanket the same colour as their collars.  We buried Cloii in her blanket and I guess Channel’s was left at the pet hospital.  Colin did go back to settle the bill and to pick up a paw print in plaster they had done for us.  We had asked for some of her hair as it was so long & soft for a short haired doxie. When Cloii died in Mexico one of the RVers went to get some clay from a river and made a crude paw print for us.  I guess she had seen it done before.  So we have a very special unique memento from each of them.

With the paw prints and the doxie angels we have a small memorial in our  china cabinet. Channel’s hair is in the small tin.  I don’t think that we have opened  it since we put the hair in there long ago.

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8 Responses to “May calendar girls photo”

  1. Sandie says:

    I love these calendar girls and your tribute. We miss our Ginger and Scooter so much.

  2. Seeing those wonderful pictures of your girls must be always a bit painful to you. I appreciate the fotos as I do the ones of your places at home and in Mexico. Keep them coming.

    • contessa says:

      Thank you Marlene. Yes it is difficult but we do speak of them all often. Just this afternoon Colin was saying that he has been thinking about another but of course after we are done with our big travels.

  3. Kelly says:

    I had meant to comment on your post re looking for sheets.
    I ordered some from the Chatelaine Collection on the Shopping Channel.
    it is not allowing me to copy and paste the link ??? décor/home-collection
    also mabe search Shopping Channel (Canada)
    I really like mine. Sorry, have forgotten the thread count. mine are made in India.

  4. Jim and Barb says:

    Too cute! We used to have a miniature just like them before we hit the road. Fun but high maintenance.

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