Apr 15, 2019

Crossing things off the list

I chose to take part of Sunday off hence no post yesterday.  I caught up on emails, tidied my desk into a bunch of piles to deal with later this week and decided to do some research for our next trip.  Hard to believe that we are leaving four weeks tomorrow considering we have only been home for two weeks.  We are visiting four countries ( three new to Colin and two new to me ) and I was able to complete the one city in the third country yesterday.  I still have two more cites in one country to research and that will happen this week.

Eventually that cup of tea changed into a glass of vino blanco. I then actually sat in my recliner and finished a book.

Colin spent the day checking things off the to do list.  One of which was taking the Pressure Pro Tire Sensors off the RV and the Jeep tires.  We bought new sensors last fall and the fellow told Colin that when we were not traveling to take them off as the batteries will last longer. Cleaning the fireplace was another thing on the list.

It is a gas fireplace and the soot really begins to obscure the glass.

We hired someone to do this the first time it needed to be cleaned.  Colin was a quick student and we no longer have to pay $196.00 to have this done.  It is a dirty job but if you are slow and careful it is easily completed.

Each tiny hole is cleaned out and the flame now burns nice and bright.  The fireplace looks brand new.

Colin then went on to put leather protector on our new white sofa.  If we do that once per year, the sun coming through the windows will not dry it out.  He was was like the Energizer rabbit, going from task to task.  I don’t think that there are too many other things left on the list.

Thanks to all of you who gave me so many ideas on finding the perfect set of sheets.  I am looking forward to doing more research.  So many interesting suggestions.  I think that we will be alright until we get back the end of June.  Seems that I always have something to research 🙄  At least we have the option of ordering and picking  up new sheets in the US as we head back to Mexico in October.  I had almost ordered sheets from Land’s End ( who now deliver to Canada ) when I kept getting more suggestions so I will wait until I have more time to sort it all out.

We ended up cooking a special dinner last night that we ate as we watched Ocean’s 8.  What a fun movie.  I never even fell asleep 😉

Today was another day but I will save that for tomorrow.

Oh, I just wanted to add, that the guy two doors over who just poured his concrete patio/driveway ( I will try and remember  David…concrete not cement ) is already parking on it 8-O. I thought that it had to cure for a certain amount of time.  He only left it untouched for 36 hours.  I know that David and Alan will have something to say about this.  Stay tuned 😎

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8 Responses to “Crossing things off the list”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice to get theses things done and checked off your list. Only 4 weeks to go and you will travelling again.

    • contessa says:

      Yes only four weeks to go. Somehow Colin kept adding to his to do list but I’m not saying anything. It is the first time in many years that he has time to actually do some things around the house. I prefer it rather than having to hire someone else.

  2. It is nice to get all those little things finished from Taxes to Maintenance.
    Maybe the Geese were getting a Birds Eye View of the Concrete Pour.
    When we come from Warm climates we feel the Cold more then those who spent the Winter in it.
    Yes the Rebar should be as close to the center as possible.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your upcoming Trip.

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      I agree Rick, we do feel the cold more. Nice to see you slowly getting settled back home after you winter away.

  3. Good to take a day off once in a while. Looking forward to your travels…hmmm….Greece, maybe Turkey?, Maybe Eastern Europe?

  4. DAVID EVANS says:

    Hi Contessa, I just like you to know I’m still out here…..
    There are all sorts of additives they can add to concrete…It usually takes 30 days to reach full strength.
    The thickness and rebar or wire mesh also one of the variables.
    Hey it’s his $$$…..
    Again, have fun on your next trip…

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