Apr 11, 2019

Not sure that spring is here yet

All the way up from Mexico we saw no signs of spring other than newborn calves and a very few lambs.  No buds on trees and certainly not any daffodils.  I have yet to see a daffodil 😥  Usually as we drive we see spring all the up from the US border to the Canadian border, not this year.  We are however two weeks earlier than normal plus from February on it was a brutal winter in these parts so spring is late.

These apple trees look like they want to spring free with buds but there are no buds.  I took this on April 1st at the US/Canada border.

I finally found some green buds two days ago.

We woke up today to 23F/-5C with heavy frost.  Definitely cold out there.  I have been wearing my leather jacket anytime we have to go out.  Yes barefoot in sandals but a scarf and a jacket and long pants.  I was surprised to find very little goose poop on our patio which is the norm.  We only saw three geese in our first 9 days home. Three days ago I saw four and yesterday we saw a total of six geese.  I suspect that they really addled the eggs last spring and there are no new geese around here but where are the old timers?  Are they still flying north?

The potential for flowers.

Finally, flowers on a tree. I can hardly wait to see the cherry blossoms.

Yesterday I had a long conversation with our propane company which has given me nothing but grief all winter.  They took over just a year ago from a wonderful small mom and pop company that we have dealt with since 2003.  We never ever had a problem with them.  The new company is testing me but I have been calm and finally was able to call them yesterday.  We are unable to call most 800 or 888 numbers, etc from our Mexican cell phone.  It appears that the majority of businesses only have toll free numbers.  I emailed and asked for a telephone number with an area code but they have don’t have them anymore.  I finally got all the way up to the supervisor of customer service and she was amazed as to the lengths I have gone to over the last year to try and communicate with their company.  We have been shut off to the online service for some reason.  That was resolved yesterday.  I never asked for anything but she emailed me that they have credited us for 100 litres of propane and to personally call her should we ever have another problem. I was surprised and of course my faith in the company has been renewed.  But I was just that close to moving to another company.  I will give them a chance.

We were out almost 8 hours today what with a few appointments and running errands.  One stop was right up to the tree line.

Kelowna on this side of the lake and West Kelowna on the other side.

It was a very long day for us but we just went with the flow and it all got done.  Back to my paperwork tomorrow.  I did get in 90 minutes early this morning and I am happy with my progress.

We stopped for lunch and while waiting for our meal we browsed the newspaper.  I have a feeling that this was the trial that I was supposed to be a juror for this past February.  I had found nothing in the paper and now see that the trial was delayed to the end of April.  It would have been interesting to be on the jury.

From my home zoomed all the way up. Some serious snow up there.

It’s not the Isla but it is still beautiful.

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10 Responses to “Not sure that spring is here yet”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice that you git the propane people straightened out. And You errands done for the day. Soon it will warm up , we hope. We saw a lot of daffodils and wild flowers in Texas and Oklahoma a few weeks ago.

  2. Sandie says:

    Why cant business transitions ever go smoothly. But you hung in there and were rewarded for your hard work. Yea! Our Spring bloom of poppies is all gone. Now we’re left with all the pollen stuff that makes us miserable. But they are so pretty.

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    It was 3C here and no frost, you can keep that cold weather with you on the other side of the lake 🙂

  4. This conversion chart doesn’t work for you from Mexico?

    Dial 001, which is the international dial code to call the United States, when you have a dial tone. Dial 880 if your toll-free number begins with 800. Dial 881 for an 888 number. Dial 882 for an 877 number and dial 883 for all 866 numbers.

    • contessa says:

      No it does not. It has in the past but now I get a message saying that the company will not accept the charges. Such a pain. I am experimenting with Fongo which works with internet but acts as if I was still in Canada. That might work for me next season.

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