Apr 03, 2019

Some progress today

It was cool enough today with rain showers that had us putting on our fireplace first thing this morning.  As it turned out it has been on all day.  Which is a good thing as I did another three loads of laundry.  These were my things such as blouses, tops, dresses and my Mexican sundresses that needed to be hung to dry.  I had 34 pieces of clothing hanging all over the house and the heat from the fireplace is helping with the drying.  These are items that need to dry by hanging and not a dryer.  Wherever I could, I hung things from chair backs to my exercise machine handlers etc.  I still have more laundry to do which consists of Colin’s shirts and shorts, but I had no more hanging space. Tomorrow is another day.  Despite the drizzle and at times rain we were cozy and warm in our house.

We have new neighbours whom we have not yet met.  But it looks like they have removed their cedar hedge and are going to build a fence.

It was interesting to watch the delivery which was not too stable.

Our telephone provider showed up about 9:30AM and was here for over three hours.  It was a true hunt to find where our telephone wires were.  He and Colin walked up and down a few blocks.

They call these buckets and there are so many wires per area. They found our telephone connection here @site #353.  All the wires here were under water and as deep as the lake level.  From here our very dedicated Telus repair man kept trying to find the source of the problem.  He did, a full block up @ site #341.  I mention these details as in years to come when we have a problem I will just check the blog to find the site numbers where our wires lay.

More new ducks here on Duck Lake as they migrate.

Colin spent the day out in the RV doing a deep clean while I did laundry and others things.  We are doing well in getting back to normal but have a ways to go.  We also had some surprise visitors which we will see in a few days.  Finally Colin was able to have a good conversation with Mommio in which she could hear him.  She is not at all happy and wants to get out of the facility she is in.  Amazingly she was very clear about being there against her will and not being fed properly.  She said she was going to keep an eye out for a man with some money so he could get her out.  She realizes that she has lost control of where she is and her finances because the other two sons have power of attorney.  So very very sad to listen to a 104 & 1/2 year old complain about her lifestyle and wish she could get away by finding a man who cares for her and will move her away.  At her age she wants to live the life she wants.  We feel so very sad for her plight.

Then the shoe dropped and I discovered some not so good things about what happened while we were away regarding our mail 👿   I will save that for the next post as I have no idea how to handle this yet and I am fuming 😯  😡

Our reflection sunset tonight.

The actual sunset.  So special to see some colour in the sky.  I guess I could look at sunsets all day long 🙂

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6 Responses to “Some progress today”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice to get things all straighten away and organized again.

    • contessa says:

      Colin’s end is organized but I haven’t even started looking at the file I have with emails that need to addressed once we got back nor my paper list and then of course there are the personal and business taxes waiting.

  2. Your weather is already so much more into spring time than it is here in cold Ontario. We are still running our furnace and the grass is brown. Had snow the other day but thankfully has melted now.
    The views over the lake at your house are so peaceful and tranquil. Just love it.

    • contessa says:

      Thank you Marlene, we lover our wee home here and the views. Hopefully you are done with the cold and everyday will be a bit better.

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    Such beautiful Okanagan sunsets, I can’t wait to get back to them. So sad about Colin’s mom, that must be very hard on both of you.

    • contessa says:

      Yes it was difficult to hear her so upset. He is going to see her in three weeks. Soon you will be home and able to enjoy those sunsets yourself.

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