Apr 02, 2019

A good day

It got down to a chilly -1C/30F last night. However we had blue sky this morning and eventually the sun warmed up the house.  Inside the RV, it was freezing so I quickly did some packing up and had Colin cart things back to the house.  We did that back and forth until everything was out.  While I put things away inside Colin emptied the basements of his tools and other items that we use here over the summer.  He had to empty the shed of our patio furniture in order to have space to place his things.  So as of this evening the RV has been emptied.  I managed to get six loads of laundry done, all of it going back into the RV.  While I was between loading, unloading and folding I kept putting things away.   The kitchen is totally done as is the bathroom and bedroom ( clothes, vitamins, jewellery, shoes, purses ( about 5 plus 2 totes ) and my first aid baskets of which there are many.  We don’t travel light and l like having my things around me as does Colin.  I mean he traveled to Mexico with four guitars 🙄

I was surprised to see all the berries still on the Mountain Ash. I thought that the birds would have enjoyed them over the winter.

Oh and we had water by 8:30 this morning.  It is the park itself here who turns the water on in the spring and off in the fall.  Our pipes are very old and mostly PVC and hence brittle.  Last week they turned water on somewhere in the park and had a major break which took days to repair and involved excavation.  So there is a new policy of not turning on the water after 2:30PM in case of a rupture.  Fortunately all went well for us.  Later in the afternoon Colin made a garbage run ( we like to purge when we get home, its like moving in again  ) and dropped off the two 5 gallon water bottles we travel with plus some empty wine bottles left from last fall.  The main purpose of the outing was to get solar salt for the water softener which is now up and running.  The water here smells horrible and is extremely rusty.

Then I saw that we had a visitor earlier today.

Someone suggested that we just put our feet up and relax for a few days and then put things away.  Nope, not our way of doing things.  We just have to get things done and then we can relax.  So I still have 6 – 8 more loads of laundry to do but mostly our clothes.  The RV needs to be cleaned inside.  We are only allowed to park it out front for three nights.  We have six months worth of unopened mail to deal with and of course both the company and personal taxes are due by month end.  Plus we are leaving mid May for six weeks in Europe so we have many tasks to complete every day to meet our deadlines.  But we are planning some fun and relaxation along the way, it’s just that the first three days are stressful.  And we have rain in the forecast for tomorrow so we had to really push it.

He came back later in the afternoon as well. I took these last two photos through the window as I did not want to disturb my feathered friend.

Colin was the Energizer Rabbit today and just kept on going.  Even though we pruned this tree in the fall it was obvious now that it was naked, that it needed more work.

Then there was the goose poop pick up to be done. My job which used to be Caeli’s is to chase them off the lawn and back into the lake.  Have done so both days now.

It has been another long day and for the first time in over six months my bath awaits 😳


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  1. AZGAL says:


  2. Carol says:

    Know what you mean about the first week home. We are only allowed to have the RV out front in the street for 24 hours! So we have to be quick to unload or load. Did bring it back the next day so the cleaning ladies who work for our son could come over and clean it up good.
    Finally got all our mail sorted. Of course all insurance on RV and cars is due this month and all have to get a smog certificate. Made copies of all of Bill’s paper work from his operation and sent the bundle into the insurance company. And we have to paint our shed the same color as our house before the 9th. Just thinking about it all makes me tired.

    • contessa says:

      24 hours!!! Crazy! You make me tired listening to it all. I do get that they expect you to paint the shed by a certain date. We are being fined 45.00 because they claim we did not sign a certain form last June.

  3. George Yates says:

    Glad we don’t have to unpack our coach, makes life so much simpler.

    • contessa says:

      I totally agree but we can’t all be fulltimers. Sadly we are not fully retired and need our business equipment.

  4. Glad you got your water. Maybe next year send then an email 7 days ahead and ask for a confirmation email in return? I see why they are being careful when they turn the water on though. Our corporate tax is all done and paid but still waiting on a T3 to do our personal taxes. Paperwork smaperwork, my least favorite thing about the business.

    • contessa says:

      The only thing that did not happen was the to acknowledge my email. It is noted for next year to do as you suggest. However there is a possibility that the snowbird form we fill out before we leave will include the return date which will be of great help. Wait until you read about what happened to us re our mail.

  5. Jannose says:

    Always nice to be back home! We also like to do the many things we need to get done when we get home and then relax!

  6. Maxx Trails says:

    Ohh, a bath … lucky you! I’m like you, I would prefer to get everything done and then relax. Great pictures of the bird in the tree 🙂

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