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Apr 30, 2019

Que pasa & hot air balloon

Getting excited.  We are leaving two weeks from today. The research is completed and I am now dealing in details, such as sorting out the locations of the business class lounges in the various countries we will be in. We are flying back and forth between a few countries at our own expense on regular […]


Apr 28, 2019

We have been spending money

We were about to head out Saturday morning to do a lot of errands when the phone rang.  It was our accountant.  Overall we are doing well.  We are getting a company refund mostly because our invoicing was less that 50% of the previous year because of the fires and resulting smoke.  But we do […]


Apr 26, 2019

A wee update

Thank you for all of your comments, Colin is touched.  He is on his way home and I thought he was landing at midnight but it turns out that he is arriving at 11:20PM.  Good thing I checked. Westjet had a seat sale either late February or early March with great prices so I booked […]


Apr 25, 2019

Mommio & Que Pasa

Why do we call Colin’s mom Mommio?  She picked the name herself as she wanted to sound hip which she very much was and still is.  Since Colin last saw Mommio in September just before we left, he has had trouble communicating with her. While we were in Mexico for almost five months she could […]


Apr 24, 2019

Que pasa

This is a link as to how the First Nations used this plant for a variety of purposes, including food and medicine.  


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