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Mar 26, 2019

Adios Libby and Lake Havasu

We drove further North today but first I have to finish off with our visit last night. Not quite certain but I think that this last photo shows the Joshua tree in mini form or perhaps it is another cactus that is blooming. We are happily stopped for a few nights at the Las Vegas […]


Mar 25, 2019

Que pasa and the new camera

I had thought that my old Canon SX600 battery would work in the new one but it is too big.  The new camera is a tiny bit smaller and lighter.  The old one weighed 6.65oz while the new camera is only 6.45oz.  The new Canon SX620HS comes with several accessories if ordered on Amazon for […]


Mar 24, 2019

Yesterday turned out differently than we had planned

After our long day of travel and crossing back into the USA we were tired and slept in yesterday.  We only left our boondock spot at the Shell near Gila Bend at 8:45AM, after giving our big front window a thorough clean.  By 9:30 AM we pulled over to the shoulder on I10 as we […]


Mar 23, 2019

Today was not quite the day we expected

We had a wee incident shortly after getting on the road this morning.  It took a while to get us sorted out and our day sort of slowed down from then on. I don’t have the energy to post about our day today but just know that we are fine and all is well.  I […]


Mar 22, 2019

A long day and hence a long post

Where to start?  We both slept well, not perfectly, but good for a truck stop. 60F at 6AM with 40% humidity.  I did run out of data just after I published the blog last night.  Colin walked over to the 24 hour Oxxo to buy me more time.  Oh, the 24 hour Oxxo was already […]


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