Mar 29, 2019

Time for us snowbirds to head north

We headed out about 7PM last evening, parked at the free parkade at the Tropicanca and walked over to the New York, New York Casino.

The inside of NY,NY from the top of the escalator.

The Hershey store is two levels and we are at the bottom where we each scored four kisses just for stopping by.  I sure would have liked to get that big one on top.

We walked through the Tropicana, nicely renovated but it felt so different to us. We used to stay there before our  RV days when we flew in for the weekend.  We walked around the NY NY Casino and were not taken by any machines until we got to this one.

It is a penny machine based on a gorilla climbing the Empire State Building.

The maximum  play is $1.25 per spin so actually playing a quarter machine is often cheaper per pull.  Anyway this machine caught our eye.  We played for an hour or so.  Then we stopped to go have dinner at the Broadway Bar and Grill.  It was just okay but we likely won’t go back.  Wine was $10.00 per glass.  Fortunately we each had a glass of the house Pinot Grigio that we got for the price of a tip at the slot machines so did not spend money on wine. They were good salmon burgers.  This photo is showing how we won 8000 pennies or $80.00 dollars which we did twice as well as other smaller winnings.

We called the gorilla a monkey which is one of our pet names for each other.  If you get two monkeys after your spin you get to climb one more level up. There are 9 levels and then you get to spin for a variety of bonus points.  When you get three monkeys you get to go directly to the top.  This is rare.  So we returned here right after our dinner as it was great entertainement for mere pennies.  Also we got to sit side by side on a bench seat.  It really was fun.  Almost three hours later I checked my watch and it was past midnight.  We reluctantly tore ourselves away but with a promise of dinner at Battistas and then a session with the monkey machine next November.  Such a fun evening and it never cost us anything except for our dinner.

We had only been underway a few minutes when this came up.  Low front left tire.  Now what?  Another sharp rock or a nail or?

I spied this sign and we quickly turned in.

Hmm were we not just having Jeep tire issues a few days ago????

Yup that is me sitting in there at about 1AM.  I’d rather be back playing with my monkey machine.  Bottom line, the tire was taken off, checked and nothing wrong was found.  It cost us a whopping $10.00.  Home, showers and bed by 2:15AM.  Likely our latest night before heading off in the morning.

We were right on schedule, driving out about 11:20AM.  I was tired and the barking dog at 6:25AM was not a pleasant wake up call.  Colin checked the Jeep tire before we left and it was very overinflated by 18 pounds.  Fortunately he did check and got the tire ready for travel. So much snow in the local mountains.

Several Harley bikers had been alongside us for the past few miles.  They were turning left into Loves @ I15 and Hwy 93 which is directly in front of us.  To the right you might see what appears to be a blue lake.  In fact that is  actually a solar farm.

This site has been completed since we saw it last April and appears to be a very large electrical project.  I would expect that the solar panels move/swivel based on the  position of the sun but perhaps  I am wrong??  Does anyone know?

A short lovely stretch of road about two hours North of Vegas.

However since the solar panel project we have been getting hit with many yellow/green bugs.  We stopped at the Sinclair Fuel Station in Alamo.  Fuel was .24cents less per gallon than @ Loves and we saved $12.12 and were still able to use our Visa and collect travel points. Colin told me that these were small Monarch  butterflies. So sad to have been involved in their demise.

Approaching the 7316′ summit just before Ely, Nevada.  We drove though a few low clouds that actually were snowing on us, as we passed through that particular area.

How fun to be able to see the shadows of the clouds on the snow on the mountains.

Just a mile before Ely.

We checked into the Valley View RV Park in Ely about 4:30PM.  Cold is the word.  Low tonight is 22F/-6C.    Already 33F when we arrived.  We were both shaking with the cold.  Are we really ready for this?  Happy to have electric for the night.

We only drove 255 miles today. Our next two days will be longer.  But why not as it is too cold to do anything but drive.

Today is a very sad day for us.  It was two years ago today that we said goodbye to our girls.  You can read about that here.  We miss them so very much and even tonight talked about how they would have loved the sun coming in the front window to warm them.  They will always be in our hearts and in our thoughts.

Sorry but no sunset shot tonight as it is too cold to go outside to take it.  At 8:30PM is 72F inside and 30F outside 😯



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8 Responses to “Time for us snowbirds to head north”

  1. George Yates says:

    Sounds like you have some fun time there in Vegas and are now making you way further north, we nit ready for the cold weather either.

  2. AZGAL says:


  3. Kathryn Tycho says:

    Thanks for the tour of Vegas. Never been there other than blasting through in the RV! Not our cup of tea but looks like you had fun. Safe travels…28C here today in Mazatlan.

  4. PatrickA51 says:

    That’s a nice looking Jeep you have there. What year is it? How well does it tow?

    • contessa says:

      Welcome to the comment section of my blog Patrick. Our Jeep Grand Cherokee is a 2015 and is an easy tow. If you have a neutral button on the console at the very back in the enter than you can tow. Check your manual. There is a procedure that needs to be followed. We can send you more details if and when you are interested. We have a friend with a 2014 Overland and he tows as well.

      • PatrickA51 says:

        Thank you for the quick reply. Our Jeep Grand Cherokee is the Overland model. It’s got all the bells and whistles that I think they put on that model except for a CD Player and being as we bought it off the lot instead of ordering one I wasn’t going to pay another $550.00 bucks for a CD player. (I think the dealer didn’t want to install one and or didn’t have one in the parts dept to put it in) Anyway we really enjoy the Jeep and I can play any music I want off of a flash drive and using a flash drive for the music sounds just as good as the CD Player in my Truck and or in the RV. Hope you have a safe trip getting home. Thanks again for the quick reply.

  5. Sharon Meyer says:

    WELOME BACK. We are in Holiday Park on #65 close to the entrance. George and Suzie are friends of ours for many years. I read your blog occasionally. It would be a pleasure to meet if you have the time. We are here until Sunday.
    Sharon and Jim

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