Mar 27, 2019

Has it really been this long?

We left home last September 27, a full six months ago.  I can’t believe all the things we have done and the many adventures that we shared and so very many firsts.  Hard to believe that this trip is almost over but for not for long as the next one is not too far down the road.

Karen asked about our new LED lights.  They simply replace the same type of bulb we already had in the RV, same size of bulb and connection.  They are not cheap, we paid $36.00US for six bulbs.

However these lights have a one year warranty.  In your comment you mentioned buying some for much cheaper at the Dollar Store.  You have to know that you get what you pay for.   Hard to know how long the Dollar Store ones will last.

It was like Christmas yesterday when I opened all of our Amazon boxes.  I love the colour of my Otto iPad cover.

I also decided to order a HD Clear Ballistic Glass cover to protect the screen. So I am ready to use the iPad…soon I hope.  I really do want to read a book on it before we head to Europe in May.  Just to make sure that I have the know how.

A very special thank you to Shirley for this comment.  I finally got some of the saline spray for my dry nose and it truly does help. The will now be added to my First Aid stuff. Gracias.  Did you know that we lived in Tsawwassen for  many years?

I had been told about this famous restaurant just over a year ago but this was the first time we had time to go. Late afternoon yesterday I checked and there was lots of space but at 7PM when I went to make a reservation online the first time slot open was at 9PM. No worries, so very close to our normal meal time.

Battista’s opened on May 1, 1970 and only sat 14 at the time. Now over time they acquired more space in the strip wall and now they are able to seat 290.

Over the years many celebrities from Betty Grable to Jimmy Stewart to Ed Sullivian to Robert Redford and more have visited and the wall was adorned with their signed photos.

Somehow over time, the walls and ceiling have become home to lots of kitsch including license plates, baskets, wine bottles, fire hydrants and the largest collection of miniature liquor bottles in the world.  At last count, they totalled over five thousand.

Battista and his wife Rio retired in 2005.  He is 88 now and ran his last marathon on June 6, 2011 in San Diego.

From the very beginning, Battista’s has offered unique things.  All dinners include minestrone soup or Italian salad, garlic bread ( divine ), a pasta side and homemade cappuccino and free red or white House wine.  As much wine as you like.

They made us a special non meat Italian salad. Every ingredient was so very fresh.

I had the eggplant parmigiana.  The best I have ever had.  All the cheese in this dish was fresh mozzarella.

Colin had the ravioli with cheese which was very rich.  The meal portions were very generous and we ended up taking the leftovers home for lunch

The very famous homemade cappuccino.  The waiter called it dessert in a cup.  It truly was.

After that delightful meal we needed to stretch our legs.  This is quite the stretch limo with two doors, one in the back ( the shadow in front of the back tire ).  The restaurant backs onto the Flamingo Hotel on the strip so we walked through there for a while.

One of the original costumes worn several years back. Rather glitzy.

From there we walked over to Cromwell’s and into Bally’s.  I started with $20.00 = 80 quarters, lost and won and here was the big win of the night, 96 quarters.  Of course I played them all back into the machine.  But we did have fun and that was the most important of all.


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10 Responses to “Has it really been this long?”

  1. George Yates says:

    Sounds like a wonderful place for a meal ad decent prices as well.
    Playing the slots can be fun if you win a little, and extend your play.

  2. Nice looking Restaurant with quite an impressive menu (On-Line). Glad you are still enjoying your travels.
    That 1923 Kodak (116 Film) is very common. Made nice Contact prints with it. My Enlarger was too small. Very few collectors anymore. Sold mine at the Yard Sale when we sold our House.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      Thanks for the information on the camera. We have a friend who’s son in law collects old cameras. If he is interested we will give it to him.

  3. Shirley says:

    Glad the saline worked for you! So simple but so needed.
    I grew up and lived on the Prairies until age 51. Was used to the dry air then.
    Now after almost 20 years on Vancouver Island and 2 in Tsawwassen, I need the extra moisture, even when visiting Alberta.
    Didn’t know you lived here. You were probably here when I lived in Nanaimo, 1997-2016
    Really enjoy your blog.
    I follow so many blogs, revolving around Mexico or RV living. Was considering full-timing at one time.
    Rae, Kevin and Ruth, Al and Kelly, Doug and Nancy, Croft. Tioga George, Chris and Juan.
    Have commented on most, but not all of them, at least once.

    • contessa says:

      I grew up in Edmonton so I also was used to the dryness. We left Delta in 2003 which is when we moved to Kelowna. You are reading the core group of Mexican bloggers. Most of us have met each other over the years. So happy to have you taking the time to comment and for sorting out my dry nose situation. Hope to see you in the comment section of my post again.

  4. I’ve been to Battista’s hole in the wall, very good, although that was about 14 or 15 years ago. Good basic food is what I remember. Cheers

    • contessa says:

      Somehow I think that nothing has changed since you visited. Perhaps a few thousand more collectibles. I found the food much much better than just basic.

  5. Maxx Trails says:

    Wow I’m hungry just looking at your pictures!

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