Mar 25, 2019

Que pasa and the new camera

Today we were up extra early as it was carpet cleaning day.  We put everything up on the bed and the sofa and waited until Joe got here.  Thank you Libby for arranging this for us.  We both think that this is the best cleaning we have ever had.  Next year we will get the upholstery done as well.

Last spring our RV storage area back in Kelowna was redone after the flooding They added extra RV storage sites and we are now very  tight. Too close together to be able to put our slides out to get the carpet cleaned hence the reason we are doing it today.  Plus the heat here in Lake Havasu will get the carpet dry quickly.

Colin and I chopped as the carpet was cleaned and we now have a crockpot full of fish chowder for dinner.  I will add some fresh snapper ( that I froze just a few days before we left the Isla ) about an hour before we leave here.

It was also laundry day complete with fresh sheets and towels.  I decided to hang a few wet things inside to dry.

It wasn’t until late morning yesterday that we were able to open the box that my camera came in.  A great deal for the price considering all the extras that came with it.

I had thought that my old Canon SX600 battery would work in the new one but it is too big.  The new camera is a tiny bit smaller and lighter.  The old one weighed 6.65oz while the new camera is only 6.45oz.  The new Canon SX620HS comes with several accessories if ordered on Amazon for the same price as buying it at Best Buy but there you only get the camera and battery and charger.  Here is the Amazon Link with the full description of all the extras.  I love the camera case that comes with which can be used by attaching it to a belt (or my purse strap ) but also be worn around your neck with a strap.  Most versatile.  The 32 GB card reader and funky light weight tripod will come in handy as well not to mention the lens cleaning kit, card reader etc.  Colin is most impressed with this little camera.  If you are looking for a new camera check out that link.  The price is excellent.

So we played with it a bit yesterday afternoon.  Detail with full zoom.

They plane has been flying around the entire time we have been here.  Excellent zoom on this camera.

Colin walked around yesterday and took some photos. A few older RV’s here.

The licence plate on the truck says RZR RIDR.

To each his own.  I prefer to sit inside on my comfy sofa.

Our old bus still looks so good.

The old camera was put into File 13 along with the dredges of our dinner last evening.

Just now at 11:15PM we got back from our dinner with Libby.  We still have to put the fresh sheets on the bed and put everything away.  Will have to share the rest of our evening on my next post.  I am going to try to get to bed before midnight tonight.

Totally missed the sunset tonight 😳

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8 Responses to “Que pasa and the new camera”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice camera looks like a good deal as well, but won’t that one get dust inside like the other one?

    • contessa says:

      Not is I am very very cautious. It will take 2 – 4 years for the camera to have a problem but if I really work hard at storing it between very photo I might be alright.

  2. The first picture of the first old trailer is a Spartan. I’ve always dreamed of having one. The 1959 model, Crescendo had a curved kitchen with a bedroom on each end with two baths, one bath was pistachio accessories and the other pink accessories. Wonderful interiors and built to last.

    Chowder looks great!

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    The carpets look great! Have fun with your new camera.

    • contessa says:

      We are so very happy with the this guy. He did an excellent job. Lover the new camera. So ve simmer to the old one.

  4. Paul says:

    Great camera choice! and what a deal!

    Have a great (and safe) trip!


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