Mar 17, 2019

I am back

Thanks for your good wishes.  I was  just very tired and actually I still am.  Having seriously sick friends, packing up and leaving the Isla are all very emotional and it has taken its toll on me.  I am no where near stopping blogging nor taking a break for more that a day here and there.

On our walk Friday morning we saw this red van parked where the other RV had been a week or so ago. This appears to now be the  non official boondocking spot on the Isla.  The sky does not lie, it was cool day.

Despite saying that we had our last trip into Mazatlan a few posts back, I did have to go back on Friday to get my hair done at Tippy Toes.

Colin came in to me meet and we headed over to El Fish Market for dinner.  For the first time ever we ate inside as it was too cold to be outside.

The big hair colour reveal.  Not as dark but not as blond as I prefer.  I actually went back to 2011 on the blog and checked my hair colour done here in Mazatlan and this is the first year that I am so dark.  I was really blond all the other years.

This may be our last nice sunset. The past few days have been cloudy and cool.

As we were waiting for our meal a parade of older vehicles when past.

Never a dull moment in Mazatlan.  The parade went on for a long time.

Yesterday, Saturday had us power washing all of our carpets.

Our storage pile has started.

About noonish we drove over to the the Playa Sur embarcadero and went once again into Mazatlan.  I had forgotten my necklace at the hair salon and needed to get it back before we leave.  We walked from Playa Sur to Tippy Toes and back.  That was our walk yesterday instead of a beach walk.  That black blob with a flash of green on the right is the new location of our squatter.  He has built a shelter of sorts on the rocks on the causeway to Goat Island.

Saw this poor plant that really needed water as we walked in.

Interesting looking tiny ??  It had a window at the back and one street side.  The wood they used is very nice and it was a very good construction job.

Once we got back home we did more packing up including harvesting my veggies which we will enjoy before we leave Mexico.

I always check the dates of my canned goods and donate the current dates to Ismael.  I bring home what I can use over the summer and leave behind in storage, items that are good to 2020 and 2021.  The key is writing down what I have left behind so I don’t have to bring it again.  Today we found 24 rolls of paper towels and 42 rolls of toilet paper. Now we don’t have to carry so much next year.  We actually ran out of toilet paper one year.  This year we ran out of Ceasar salad dressing.

Colin found this tiny white frog in the middle of one of the large pots we grew our veggies in.  He must have lived  in there all winter.  I wonder if he was white because he never saw the sun.

Our park, Tres Amigos RV1, remains full.  The RV in the background is actually dry camping in our parking lot. The small trailer was looking for a spot for a few nights.  I think that they did get a spot in RV2 which is also full.  We have a caravan of 13 there at the moment.


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14 Responses to “I am back”

  1. Rae Crothers says:

    I like the darker hair color!

    F YI to those who have never been to Mexico, you can get Caesar salad dressing, paper towels, and toilet paper here. ? But canned tomatoes are definitely a luxury item and harder to find here.

    • contessa says:

      Yes, just like you can get Ritz Crackers here as you can back home but they taste very different and crumble. I had to buy Caesar dressing the other day and I would rather eat my lettuce with nothing on it. I imagine if I lived here full-time that I would adapt and use what is available. But after traveling to Mexico for 20 years I still have a choice to being my own soft toilet paper and lovely paper towels me as I do my napkins and Kleenex and special salad dressing. Why not? We have the space. I have to say that most Rvers do bring certain products down here with them. Years ago you could not find mustard, relish nor ketchup in Mexico. Now you can find those as well as many other wonderful products.

      • Rae says:

        I can find a lot of the same brands of salad dressing here that I can back home and many local brands are just as good — you have to taste test. I recently did a blind taste taste of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing (120 pesos full price) versus Clemente Jacques (20 pesos full price) because their ingredients were identical. No difference. And you can get Kleenex and higher brand paper goods here too. I know you don’t feel like shopping here and that’s absolutely fine — I’m just trying to paint a different picture for your readers who might not know that you are making a personal choice rather than reflecting what the local markets are like here. But I will still tease you for bringing down Philly cream cheese when it’s a quarter of the price — or better when it’s it on sale! — here. 😉

        • contessa says:

          Now that we no longer have our girls, we are free to shop every week if we wish to. We don’t. I only buy my creme cheese North of the border because it is cheaper and I have room for it. If I really need to I would buy it here. As to salad dressing, nothing compares to what we prefer to use on our lettuce. I understand what you are saying but you have to accept that I am free to do what I prefer. As to us not being the norm. You should see what others here bring. We are rather tame…..

          You have never RV’ed here which is very different than what you are doing. If we were in your position we would surely figure out what brands work for us. But what you don’t understand is that we don’t have to. We do support the local economy but in different ways.

  2. Lucy says:

    Contessa, I love your new darker blond hair, it looks nice & sophisticated; also think that as you shampoo it in the future it will turn lighter. Sorry you’re so tired, packing back is tiring, but you guys have a nice and cozy home waiting for yah, don’t you ? Have wonderful & safe voyage back home. My best to U both: Lucy. Buen viaje !

    • contessa says:

      We are so looking forward to getting back home. It will have been just over 6 months since we left. Not sure why I am so tired, hopefully it will pass. This is not normal for me.

  3. George Yates says:

    S much to do but younger getting things taken care of one day at a time.

  4. Jean says:

    I really love that picture of you harvesting you harvesting your veggies, don’t know if it’s the hair colour or not.

  5. Maxx Trails says:

    Your hair looks great!

  6. Packing up again. Well, nothing is forever and neither is the winter. Quick question: What happened to the guy who was digging the over 2 meter deep hole in the sand down the beach? Just curious.

    • contessa says:

      That was the squatter. HIs first place was right next to RV2, then the hole in the ground and now his area on the rocks off the side of the causeway

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