Mar 10, 2019

Our RV repairs are finally complete

I previously mention that the generator was complete, except for the radiator cap.  The muffler has been repositioned.  So the being things are done but there were several some small things still remaining and we got those completed this last Tuesday and Wednesday.

Replacing the broken skylight over the bathroom. A very kind RVer brought it down for us mid February.

There was a problem with one of our ceiling lights. All it needed was the be taken apart and to have the corroded contacts cleaned.

Above my head when we are driving is a cupboard that I call my book cupboard.  A few years ago we noticed that it was sagging and Erik fortified it.  The current problem is a very unpleasant noise.  Colin traced it down to the end of a screw hitting the window.  But how to fix it.

First I had to empty the contents. Way way too many books. So I looked at them all and chose the ones that I was least interested in reading. I gave 36 of them away.  I still have over 30 books up there.

How empty and stripped cupboard.  Erik located the screw, cut it off and added four others to reinforce the area.

So much stuff up there behind those panels.

Next up was our non electric fan vent.

I knew this side was splitting.

But the other side was worse.  The plastic was so brittle that it likely would not have made it back to the US where we planned to get a new one.  Erik just happened to have the part.  Wonderful.

For many many years I have been putting my feet up against the dash in front of me and it has started to wear very badly. It did not look nice.  Colin had purchased the right color material to create a cover but had no idea how to proceed.  The amazing Erik came up with an easy solution that involved two anchor straps, placing the vents within the fabric and adding a few buttons to hold it into place.  The left side was simply tucked between the two sections of the dash.

Isn’t that simply brilliant?

Some roof caulking and around the newly painted mirrors.

I even got my broken shoe drawer glide fixed.

Putting in our new slide curtains. Two of the four has fallen apart so we had all four redone but with a snap on system.

The old ones used to roll in with the slide but this looks just fine.

I did not catch all the little repairs done but we are so happy that this is all over with.  Well for this season at least.  It started with our roof AC units being replaced which you can read about here.  Certainly lots of repairs this year.  Hopefully we will get a break next season.

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12 Responses to “Our RV repairs are finally complete”

  1. Dee Tillotson says:

    What CAN’T Erik do? If he also plays classical guitar, Colin will be very, very jealous!

  2. George Yates says:

    So nice to get all those repairs done, and you will be good to go until the next time.

  3. Like any House an RV requires constant maintenance.
    A Costly year for many of us but a good year for the Technicians.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  4. You are getting your money out of this unit and it will last a long time. Maintenance is key and I admire you guys for doing it. Seems like a lot of money, but imagine if you wanted to replace it. Yikes!

  5. Maxx Trails says:

    That’s a lot of repairs but how nice that you are somewhere were they will come to you and complete them. The new dash cover look great!

  6. susie leslie LaRose says:

    Awesome to have Eric to do all your repairs! Everything looks great and love the Mexican paint job. Roger had his pickup done over 6 years ago and the paint still look’s good.. Safe travels home!

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