Mar 07, 2019

Que pasa

I am still in the catching up phase of the past week.  Life is not slowing down so my blog remains a few days late versus real time.  I forgot to mention the other day that I managed to lose my second camera battery ( $50.00 or so ) at the Plazuela Machado during the Banda noise competition off.  I changed the battery but somehow it slipped off my lap or I missed putting it directly into my purse.  Too much excitement happening around us.  However I will be getting my new camera in just over two weeks and there is a new battery included with it.  My existing battery will work in the new camera.

We woke up tired last Sunday but everyone was happy after the great fireworks display. The only complaint from a few of us was that we still felt that we were on a moving boat and trying to keep our balance 😕  Swaying from side to side 😳  The question was did we or did we not want to go to the Carnaval parade that afternoon?  Laura and Alan and us decided that we needed to stay put.  Plus L&A were leaving the next day.  Instead we had a lovely final happy hour of which I forgot to get any photos.

Instead of going to the parade we watched it on TV.  This is the Carnaval Queen.

Some of the floats appeared somewhat strange to us.

Lots of dancers but only one marching band this year.

Monarch butterflies on stilts.

The parade was much shorter this year and to us watching on TV it did not appear to be as good as those we have seen in person.  However those from the RV park who attended found it to be wonderful.  The next day,  Monday, Sofia, my wonderful masseuse told me that the Mexicans she hung out with to watch the parade were all disappointed.  They wanted more bands and better floats, there were only two that they liked.

Colin & I had not yet had dinner but went over once the parade ended with our last bottle of bubbly, to say adieu to our friends.  They had also watched the parade on TV but smartly had eaten their dinner at the same time.

That is Alan measuring, making sure that we all had the same amount.

We had lots of laughs. Dare I admit to you that I was in my nightie. Just traipsed across the park that way.  No photos of me 🙂

We shared a wonderful almost five weeks together.  But we had to head home and eat a very very late meal.

Sadly the next day, Monday, they left and headed north.  I love Laura’s smile.

Adios amigos, see you mid December.

This European camper is parked directly behind us. They have two children, one ( perhaps both ) who sleep in the small tent at the back of the site.

The RV on the left has been here for a few days but the one on the right took Alan and Laura’s site within a few hours of their leaving.

Always sad to see friends leave but we won’t be far behind them.  We spent the rest of Monday preparing for more RV repairs and some computer repairs.  Life goes on.

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5 Responses to “Que pasa”

  1. Alan Brechin says:

    Ok folks, I will be brief ( and for me this is a tough one) my wife Laura and I have just arrived back in Az. en route to B.C. A huge thank you to Colin and Contessa. From the moment we arrived at Tres Amigos until we left five weeks later C and C went above and beyond to welcome us and make us feel at home.
    We were introduced to fellow R.V ers and we settled in. Contessas blog was a great resource for our first driving trip to Maz. Suffice it to say that they made it happen, and watch out for Colin’s sense of humour. It will sneak up on you !!

  2. George Yates says:

    Such a fun time you have been having, think you will soon need a vacation, lol…

  3. Time in paradise goes so fast, doesn’t it? I’ve never been there for Carnaval but was once there for Easter – what a party that was, even more so than the Christmases I spent there

  4. Audrey says:

    Thanks so much, think Colin and the iPhone did a great job! I appreciate it, as I was so spellbound I didn’t take any photos!

  5. Sue says:

    Thanks for the post. Awesome pictures. Can’t wait for next season. Haha. My brother and sister in law actually are interested. I will ask them again and get back to you.

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