Mar 04, 2019

Carnaval and the Plazuela Machado on Friday

The official start to Carnaval was Thursday but last Friday was the day we chose to introduce our friends to the event.

Which one should I buy?

No doubt about it, this is who I am 🙂

A very unique vendor selling hats for dogs.  They also had boots and ties and leashes. I also saw some dog coats and dog tags.

Interesting tablecloth for a table selling candy.

We stopped for a drink in the midst of our wandering about checking the que pasa of it all.

The main problem with this monarch butterfly is that the stairs have no hand rails.

One by one the Banda bands started to appear.  Later in the evening we could count 15 plus groups.  Really easy to count all those huge tubas.  The only thing is, they all were playing at the same time, but different songs!

Laura went shopping and I went with her.  On our return we saw our guys in serious conversation.

Fun times.

Dinner is served.

We all ordered the sword fish fillet.

It wasn’t long before the Plazuela was packed.  The music never stopped.

Laura wanted to get up close. She had stuffed her ears with Kleenex.

This is what she and the rest of us were hearing.

How many seconds were you able to listen before you stopped?  Despite the many many bands playing the worst was right next to us.  There were two bands face to face with only 6 feet between them dueling it out.  Noise plus!!

We later walked up to the malecon to check out the action. What I found most interesting was that the four of us were the only white people there.  Come to think of it, after 8PM, we were the only white folks at the Machado.

The malecon was where the important Banda bands were.  The ones who were being paid to be there.

Quite the crowd and everyone was having a wonderful time.



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2 Responses to “Carnaval and the Plazuela Machado on Friday”

  1. George Yates says:

    What a fun time with friends , the swordfish looks wonderful and the crowds on the Malecon we experience with the Carnival back in 2010.

  2. Dolores says:

    It looks like crazy wild!!!

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