Mar 03, 2019

Moving on and some sad news

We were surprised to see Erik working on the RV when we returned from our Friday morning walk.  We have an appointment with him for next Tuesday.  However Colin had mentioned that he should check out the dash AC in case some major work was required.

Problem solved.  It was the relay switch that controlled the dash AC that had corroded.  All this salt air does do a lot of damage.

Meanwhile Gustavo was bolting in the final covers on the generator unit.  They both later attached the generator exhaust pipe.  We are good to drive away.  Except for a full day of RV repairs next Tuesday.

Friday was a perfect evening. A warm breeze and no bugs.

Our happy hour with Alan and Laura went until the propane tank ran out.  We enjoyed a lot of fires this winter.  We still have propane in the BBQ tank if we really want another fire.

Once they left we started to put our dinner together. Fresh snapper covered with the lime mayonnaise that you can get here sprinkled with chipotle powder.  The potatoes were already off the grill and the zucchini was close to being ready.  It was a great meal along with out usual Caesar salad.  Even better we had snapper leftover for fish tacos the next day.

Friday morning brought us our first stuck motorcycle.  Do you think walking around it and not looking at it will help?

Truly stuck.  Colin ended up giving them a piece of thin two foot square board that they could put under the back tire and bit by bit they got themselves free from the sand.

Friday night was a very fun Carnaval event and that will be my next post.

Sadly to bring you up to date in real time, we had a tragedy here on the Isla.  This happened yesterday, Saturday about 12:10PM.  We actually saw all the people gathering at the waters edge, the police truck and the lifeguard.  I had no idea what was going on, didn’t bother to take any photos and only later found out what had happened.  A visitor from Monterrey had a tragic accident right on the beach in front of RV1.  He later died on the operating table.  It just so happened that Jose the RV park manager was at the hospital when this fellow came in.  The entire hospital stopped what they were doing and focused all their energy on helping this fellow.  Sadly he did not make it.  You can read the newspaper article here.  Jose said that is was very grim at the hospital.  I could go into more details but suffice to say that many are reaching out to prevent this from happening again and on my part to be sure that there is medication right here on the Isla to deaden the pain that this poor fellow had to endure until he got across the shipping channel to the paramedics.

Such a sad thing to happen here on the Isla during Carnaval.



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6 Responses to “Moving on and some sad news”

  1. George Yates says:

    Nice to get you coach ready to hit the road again Sad about the accident on the beach but sometimes is too crowded for those boats to be there.

  2. Kathryn Tycho says:

    Eric had a good laugh at the stuck motorcycle..what a fool! It’s not a dirt bike. The panga running over someone in the water is a preventable tragedy. The boats have no business being that close to shore when people are in the water. The parachute boats here on the north end of Mazatlan get close in as well…very dangerous. Very sad for his family.

  3. Very very sad news, but based on how some of those boats fly around unfortunately not surprising.

  4. If Four wheels get stuck in the Sand what was that Motorcyclist thinking.
    They should have areas for the Boats separate from the Swimming areas. Sad to read about those types of accidents anywhere.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Carnaval.

    It’s about time.

  5. Maxx Trails says:

    Well the motorcyle was good for a laugh 🙂 So sad about the tourist, a friend of our son lost his dad from a very similar accident while vacationing in Mexico.

  6. Not sure why they allow boats where people are swimming. That is the solution to this tragic accident. Very sad, he was from Monterrey.

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