Mar 02, 2019

Last Sunday was a very long day

First thing in the morning last Sunday, we had a stuck vehicle.  Lucky guy.  This tractor was pulling the wagon seen on the left.  He unhooked and came over to pull the truck out.

We only found out five days earlier that there was a classical guitar concert being held at the Museo de Arte de Mazatlan at noon last Sunday.

Sometimes that is how things are done in Mexico.  The artist who is one of the main performers of the Culiacan Internationl Guitar Festival flew into Mazatlan a few days early and the organizers decided to have a concert here in Mazatlan.  Certainly not much time to advertise.

First time I have ever seen a plastic recycle bin in Mazatlan.  This one was in the inner courtyard and there was another outside of the museum.

Iliana Matos is from Cuba but now resides in Canada.  The concert was not as well attended as it could have been mostly because the music lovers were at the final Gordon Campbell concert of the season also starting at noon.

One of the Carnaval statues on the Malecon.

We met Juan and Chris afterwards and walked along the malecon to El Fish Market for lunch which ended up being dinner.

Somehow my eyeglasses never made it back into my purse as we were driving to the embarcadero earlier so I had to wear my sunglasses inside during the concert and all afternoon.

The margarita was great and I had one of the best meals of the season.  The tuna was seared perfectly.

Passed by the Navy all decked out in their finest as we headed back to the Isla.

How else are you going to get your plants back home to the Isla?  Note the ceiling photo of the Virgin de Guadalupe.

Happy hour started with just the four of us and then evolved.  Here Colin is opening a bottle of champagne to celebrate Juan’s birthday.

The circle got bigger.  I brought out a few munchies, the wine, tequila, vodka and beer just kept flowing.

A beautiful sunset.

No one was leaving the party.  There certainly was a good deal of conversation happening.

A few diehards left at the end.

It appears that certain folks needed a coffee fix the next morning 🙂  The boys headed off to the airport Monday morning and I headed inside for my relaxing massage which I really needed after all that generator stuff.  What a busy weekend we had, each day so very full.

The rest of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday passed in a blur.  I was so tired that I cancelled attending a book discussion by the author of the Belmar Hotel book.  The good news is that I have completed my research on eleven stops and I only have three more cities to go.  The weather was cool in February so it was a good time to stay inside and hang out on my computer.

Last Tuesday’s sunset.

Please don’t miss my March 1st post about Cloii.  I posted that early this morning so this is my second post today 😉

Carnaval is upon us and oh how much fun we are having.  You guessed it, those posts will be a bit delayed as well 🙄

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4 Responses to “Last Sunday was a very long day”

  1. Nancy & Doug says:

    Ahhh….the classic lunch/dinner event. We love those. They just morph into something special, don’t they? Then, morphing into a happy hour/happy evening. You are very lucky indeed. Here we sit in the cold of White Rock, waiting impatiently for spring to come. Next year my friends, next year…….

  2. Dolores says:

    The happy hour, visiting, n sunset all look lovely!!!

  3. Paul says:

    Beautiful photos and a great blog! Thanks for
    Sharing your adventure!

    I am having an armchair holiday as I read
    your stories!


  4. The Fish Market has been one of the best restaurants we have been to in Mazatlan. Topolo is a much different restaurant but the Fish Market (two different animals) beats it out in term of quality and service.

    Sunday night was something else 🙂 and we really enjoyed the coffee and visit before taking off on Monday.

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