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Feb 20, 2019

Que Pasa

Colin took my camera in again on Monday.  When he had it apart and put it back together one tiny piece was out of place and that created the problem I had with it last weekend.  Colin also asked him to remove one more piece of dust that we found.  As I type this Colin […]


Feb 18, 2019

Would you believe it, if I told you about another party?

Yes that makes for four days in a row.  February is turning into a very social month.  I also wanted to mention that at the fundraiser this last Saturday for the special needs children, 52,420.36pesos /$2720.00USD was raised.  That will go a long way here on the Isla. We slipped out a few hours early […]


Feb 17, 2019

The Scouts and Umm a mini party

Yes that is still another spot ( well it was there before)  on the camera lens.  Not only that but the camera is no longer functioning  properly, perhaps it has been taken apart too many times. There was some live music and overall it was a fun few hours in the sun.  Still no indication […]


Feb 16, 2019

Another day, another party

Yesterday the day passed very quickly, between our beach walk and my research.  Suddenly it was time to head out for dinner with Carol and Gary.  We headed into Mazatlan and the Plazuela Machado… Colin and I were in Centro a few days ago doing errands when we discovered that Johnny O was playing Friday […]


Feb 15, 2019

A very special & fun party

I had no idea what to expect when Sofia my massage therapist invited us to a Valentine’s Day party.  She is Mexican and her partner is American and they live 6 months here and 6 months in Washington State every spring and summer.   Sofia’s family and most of her friends don’t speak English and Brad […]


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