Feb 11, 2019

Our daily beach walk

We really try and get out every day and do at least 3.25 miles return walking along the beach.   However nature affects the tide from time to time and that affects our walking.  Today the tide conflicted with my scheduled massage which of course I am not giving up.  It pains me to say that I only walked 1700 steps today but the day is not over.  I was very close to 70,000 steps for the past week 🙂

I just got this a few weeks ago.  Pretty impressive.  Hmmm, maybe we should go to Egypt in 2020 and take a cruise along the Nile.

We walk ( and I mean walk, not a slow walk, but fast paced ) until we reach our current turn around point.  This newly constructed home is our midway mark.  Hard to see because of the truck but more similar homes are being built directly behind this one in a precise row.  Colin and I think that someone owns this narrow tract of land and is perhaps building these homes as a rental income.

Often we ask other RVers, how far did you walk today?  The answers vary, to the first white building, to the second white house and to the third house.  Some even say they go another mile or more.  I took my photos backwards, starting from the furthest point away from the RV park.

This is the second white house.  It was abandoned before it was finished.   A panoramic view from all the windows and the deck.

Standing here, I turn and look back at the 3rd white house, our turning point.

Looking ahead towards where we live, I see what is called the first white house.  It used to be the Iguana Restaurant and now it is a fish farm of sorts.  Often we see tenters long here as they actually do have bathroom facilities.

From this spot you can see that RV1 is just past that taller yellow building which is the Maria Coral Hotel.  RV2 is just this side of the Maria Coral Hotel.

So as you can see it is quite the walk from the RV Park ( 1 ) to what we all call the third white house.  You can of course go all the way to Estrella del Mar but that is another 8 km/5 miles or so.

We watched some surfers doing their best.  As the tide changes so do the waves.

Good for this girl, she did get up and surf out the wave.

This was the second car that got stuck in the sand yesterday.  It was a young woman and her 3 -4 year old child.  The fellow with the shovel just happened to be walking along the beach with a shovel on his shoulder as well as a machete and other items.  He spent a great deal of time digging her out ( 40 minutes or more ).  He dug out the front, then the rear and the sides.

Sadly as she hit reverse the sand wedged under the car pulled the front bumper away.  She did finally get out.  We were concerned that she did not pay this fellow who offered his aid.  Once the car was free he immediately began shoveling sand into the holes.  A first that we have ever seen.  What a great guy.  (photo by Laura)

Yet another day here on the Isla.



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4 Responses to “Our daily beach walk”

  1. George Yates says:

    Such a wonderful beach to walk we did that almost daily as well.
    Nice that fellow had a shovel and got that lady unstuck.

  2. Deb says:

    What a wonderful place to walk each day. I’m sure it’s an ever changing view.
    How nice of the fella to help the woman, like you and Colin I hope she paid him for his time and effort.

  3. Nice to keep active in that fashion as it keeps the joints limber and the middle thinner.
    Hopefully the young woman paid the gentleman for helping her out.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Paradise.

    It’s about time.

  4. Yes, if you go to Egypt the river cruise is a must. A few days in Cairo and then a river cruise is what we did – loved it. It was the very best way to see the country. You would think people would have more sense than to drive a car in the sand.

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