Feb 07, 2019

February Calendar Girls

A typical walk on the beach with our girls.  We still walk most days and we often share a thought of an incident that once had happened as walked with the girls, a crab they chased into the ocean or dug up or just watching them run.  Of course in the latter years pushing them in a stroller when Carmeh in particular could not walk.  Memories are great things.  A perfect photo for our February calendar.

I was looking for something earlier tonight in my blog through my search area and found some long ago photos of the girls.  When I use that search tool I invariably get some photos of the girls over the years.  Always a shock at first to see their faces and then it becomes more of a visit with them.  Such great memories.

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8 Responses to “February Calendar Girls”

  1. George Yates says:

    Always love the pictures of your calendar girls, great memories.

  2. Wonderful memories of your girls

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    Great photos, and I’m sure wonderful memories for you and Colin 🙂

  4. Paul says:

    Good morning Colin and Contessa,

    What beautiful memories!…

    I can see how you keep going back there, year after year. It is paradise.

    Your beautiful dogs had a charmed life.

    It is -34 c in North Edmonton, with the wind chill it is -43 celsius right now… Brrrr. Your photos and blog warmed us up. Thank you for sharing.


    Paul and Jan.

  5. Contessa says:

    That is very cold Paul. Happy to help warm you up.

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